Friday, February 21, 2014

Full Disclosure

I think it's time to come to terms with the fact that I may have a bit of a problem.  Not only do I have, what I like to refer to as a severe case of project/craft ADD, but now it seems as though I have developed a bit of a yarn hoarding habit as well.
I'll ask for your forgiveness in advance for the fact that this blog post is going to seem a bit all over the place, but I really felt the need to share some of the projects I am currently working on or have recently completed and even a few recipes we've tried lately and really enjoyed.
If my blogging seems scatterbrained, you can't even imagine the things running through my head on a normal day. My hands just can't seem to move fast enough to keep up with my feverishly racing mind! Perhaps it's nesting, but maybe if I spent a little less time looking for new ideas/projects, I'd actually complete more of them, and put a dent in my ever growing yarn collection.
I just finished, in record time (for me), mind you, this baby afghan for our little princess on the way. I have been crushing on this pattern from Attic24 for a long time now, and it felt so good to get it done with 2 whole months to spare before her arrival. Attic 24 is a brilliant blog, and the woman who writes it, shares the most gorgeous, and free, crochet patterns on her site. If you crochet, it is definitely worth checking out.

I adore this color palette, and how squishy soft the afghan turned out. Now I just can't wait to wrap her up in it and hold her in my arms.

So, it's on to the next project. Yet another baby blanket with a pattern that I have been eyeing for quite some time. I am absolutely obsessed with pretty much everything Purl Soho does. I find myself spending endless hours in the middle of the night (when I can't sleep due to the reoccuring gymnastics routine in my belly every evening), stalking their website or projects with their hashtag on Instagram.
Their Super Easy Baby Blanket is such a simple pattern, but it yields the most lovely results. I am currently on color number 3 of 7 (one color is missing from the photo, because thanks to "pregnancy brain", I forgot it at the yarn store)... And I am already thrilled with how it looks. Seriously, if you're new to knitting, but want to make a blanket, this pattern is perfection.

These baby blankets have been great for something mindless to work on in between the orders I've been getting from my Etsy shop. I've been super busy working on things for lots of little impending bundles of joy, and am feeling so blessed to be able to do something I enjoy so much while also helping contribute to the family income.

These owl hats have been in high demand, apparently they are hugely popular.

As promised, I also wanted to share a few recipes that we've tried lately and really enjoyed. I apologize that in the glutinous moments when I was stuffing these delicious meals into my almost 8-months-pregnant mouth, I neglected to photograph them myself, however the photos from the site are probably much more pleasing to the eyes then mine would have been.
Anyhow, I'm not sure why I never thought to look on the Williams-Sonoma blog before for dinner ideas, but I stumbled across some of their recipes on Pinterest and every single one we have tried, has not only been easy to prepare, but they have all been delicious and used healthy and simple ingredients. The links for all of them can be found here:

In case you couldn't tell... we like chicken! Enjoy!

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