Monday, June 27, 2016

Potty Training... Where to Begin

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When it comes to potty training, there's always the question of when?  When is the right time to start? When is your child really ready?  Where do you begin?  So, recently, when our two year old began showing interest, I knew it was time to head to Walmart, and pick up a package of Pull-Ups®Learning Designs®.

Ella has been watching her older brother use the potty for awhile now, so naturally it influenced her curiosity about using it as well... however, she is also our "wild child", like a squirrel, always on-the-go, and too busy to be bothered if something doesn't interest her, Therefor, I knew that getting started on potty training with her was going to require some creative tactics...

So, off we went to our local Walmart to pick up the necessary supplies.  We headed straight for the Baby section, where we found a package of 25 Pull-Ups, for only $8.97.  Then it was off to find some items to help make our potty area fun and exciting for Ella, because like I said, in order to slow her down, I knew we'd have to pull out all the stops!

This is why I love the fact that Pull-Ups feature fun character designs.  Ella loves Doc McStuffins, so getting to wear "big girl underwear" with her on the front, made her really excited.  This was a win for me, because while she was excited about wearing one of her favorite characters, I got to enjoy all of the great features that Pull-Ups have to offer.  Their new designs are more absorbent then they were in the past, which is awesome, because Ella tends to be a heavy wetter, and they offer 10% more coverage for protection and fit. I also love the fact that thanks to the built-in wetness indicator, character art is revealed when the Pull-Up is wet.

Another feature that I really enjoy is the easy open sides.  I prefer to treat the Pull-Up like regular underwear, to help promote the idea of it to Ella, so the stretchy (they are now 10% more stretchy then they were previously) and soft fit is great... but in a pinch, having sides that open, sort of like a diaper, can be really helpful.

My plan for working on potty training with Ella was to turn my kid's bathroom into an area that would make using the potty fun and exciting for her, so in addition to picking up some Pull-Ups, I grabbed some stickers, some of Ella's favorite treats, and some card stock, because I knew I would be creating a fun printable to hang near her potty to help encourage her to go.  This is why Walmart is so great, I can get everything I need in one shopping trip, which is essential when shopping with three kids!

The following are some great ideas for turning your bathroom into a fun area for your child to potty train in:

* Be sure that the toilet is accessible for your child, by using either a potty chair, or an insert for your full-sized toilet... If doing this, add a step stool, so that your child can reach the toilet.

* Create an easily accessible storage option to keep your Pull-Ups and treats/prizes close.  We keep a basket in the bathroom that holds stickers, a jar of "treats", and additional Pull-Ups for changing time.

* Use my free printable (included with instructions for printing below) or create a sticker chart of your own to keep near the potty... when your child successfully goes, they earn a sticker (let them put this on the chart themselves to add to the excitement), after successfully going several times, they earn a prize (some ideas for this are a small piece of candy, fruit snacks, or a small inexpensive non-food item/toy that they like)

* Be sure to praise your child and get really excited when they successfully go!

To print, click the link above and download printable, then print onto card stock, and hang near potty!

All of these steps should get you on the right track for beginning to potty train your little one.  You're putting the idea out there, by using Pull-Ups, and by making using the potty fun and exciting for your little one.

Find out which character your child is when it comes to potty training here!



  1. That's what I loved about Pull-Ups, too, when I was potty training my sons (now ages 9, 6, and 4): the side tabs that opened like diapers when I needed them to! That was a great feature. I love your little potty chart, too! #client

  2. First of all, I love all of your photos! And I love your chart! :) I'll be using this when we start training Charlotte the end of next week. Lord, help me!


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