Saturday, October 31, 2015

Swoon Worthy

Happy Hallo-weekend! We're gearing up for a crazy Saturday night around here, well about as crazy as we get these days.

Apparently our new neighborhood is the "it" place to trick or treat around these parts, so here's to hoping I bought enough candy!!!

Here's the random list of things that I am swooning over from this past week...

1.  I am a total sucker for seasonal scented cleaning products!

2.  I didn't think it was possible for me to love duck boots any more than I already do... and then these happened.

3.  Um yeah, so I discovered this new biscotti at Target this past week, and it's safe to say it has now become a routine part of my morning coffee ritual. (No link yet, but here is a photo... look for it in stores, you won't be disappointed!).  When you dip one of these into your hot coffee and the caramel melts a bit... it's AH-mazing!

4.  These videos are hilarious every year!  I can't wait to see the new clips after this weekend!

5.  So, seeing as I am 4.5 months pregnant, I obviously can't indulge in any adult beverages at the moment... but the pink starburst lover in me is dying for some of you to try this martini and let me know how it is!!!

6.  Budget friendly ballet flats are totally my jam right now.

7.  Do you guys follow this Facebook page yet?  I can't get enough of the recipes/videos.

8.  An old favorite when it comes to sweaters, in some great colors for fall.

9.  Definitely making this soup this weekend.

10.  Naturally, I had to share this, because as soon as Halloween is over, it's time to get  my Christmas game-face on (yes, I know we still have Thanksgiving to celebrate, but I prefer to stretch out the holiday season as long as possible!!!)

I hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween weekend.  Don't forget to set your clocks back!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

17 week "bumpdate"

I've always been great about documenting my kids ages and development week by week, but not so much when it came to my pregnancies with each of them...

{maternity poncho/nursing cover c/o cover me ponchos}

Sure I snapped photos of my growing belly, but I never made it a point to write down what I was craving, how I was feeling, or where my head was at, at any given point during the 39 weeks that I was pregnant with both M&E.

I've been thinking lately, that it's never too late to try something new, so with this being my third pregnancy in just a few short years, I thought I'd take a stab at documenting how I'm feeling and what's going on week by week (or maybe month by month) this time around.

At 17 weeks along, and a few weeks into my second trimester, I'm thrilled to admit that the nausea seems to finally be behind me, my energy is returning, and I finally (thank God!) have the desire to drink coffee again!!!

It's strange, because so many people have asked me if my pregnancies were different when I was pregnant with a girl vs. a boy.  They weren't really at all, except for the fact that with Max, I knew he was a boy 100% from day one and with Ella I was clueless as to what we were having until my 20 week ultrasound.

This pregnancy has been the most different thus far, and I can't say it has anything to do with the sex of the baby.  The cravings I've been having are mostly the same... carbs and sweets, all day every day.  Spaghetti and meatballs, cupcakes, french fries, and English muffins are constantly on my mind... which as you can imagine, will likely do wonders for my weight gain.

The way I have felt this time has been so different though.  I never dealt with nausea before, and with this baby, it was bad.  I was also totally lacking any form of motivation for awhile there, but I suppose growing a human while chasing 2 around, will do that to you.

Much to my dismay, I'm also feeling much bigger, much faster this time.  Chalk it up to not losing all of the baby weight after having Ella, my uterus being stretched out, or a combination of the two, but I get the feeling I'm going to be feeling large and in charge for the next several months... Thank goodness for full panel maternity pants!

I began feeling kicks and flutters very early on with this pregnancy, around 14 weeks, maybe even a little sooner.  Prior to this, those flutters weren't felt until about 17 weeks, so that has been a fun change.

Another fun change with this baby, has been getting to share it with Max and Ella.  They are so excited!  Max always makes it a point to tell me that he is being careful around my belly, and Ella's new favorite thing to do is pull up my shirt, put her mouth to my bump, and say, "Hiiii, baby!".

I had a check up earlier this week, and all was well with the baby's growth and heart rate, so now the countdown is on to find out the sex... which thankfully (no pun intended), we will find out just before Thanksgiving.  I am literally dying to know if we are having a boy or a girl.  For all of you who manage to hold out for the surprise until the end, props to you, because I could NEVER make it!!!

Aside from all of that, I'm working at continuing with light exercise at least three days a week, enjoying the final days of being able to sleep on my tummy, and looking forward to all of the shopping that will ensue as soon as we know whether this babe will be sporting pink or blue.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Survival Parenting

I love my kids.  I really and truly love them more than anything in the whole world... but sometimes they legitimately make me feel like a crazy person.

Being a stay at home mom is a job I have always dreamed of having.  I am incredibly thankful to my husband for working so hard to fulfill that wish for me, but the truth is, it isn't always easy.

This past weekend, I was on my own with the kids for a few days, which in actuality wasn't all that different from how we usually roll, but for a full 3 days, there were ZERO breaks... I couldn't pee alone, shower alone, or even sit down and enjoy a warm meal in its entirety... not that any of us get to enjoy these luxuries often as moms, but when you feel like you are gasping for air, sometimes even 5 minutes of peace and quiet, behind a closed door can feel like a day-long trip to the spa.

Max is now at the age where talking back has become his area of expertise. "No I don't have to", has become a common response when he is asked to do something.

Ella has suddenly become a stage 5 clinger... as in she holds on to the bottoms of my legs with a death grip and yells "mommy, mommy, mommy" on repeat.

Lately, running errands has become a dreaded past time.  A simple trip to the grocery store requires so much more effort than I have the energy for.  Car seats, coats, socks and shoes have become the bane of my existence.  Add to all of that, a case of the "I wants" that carries on throughout the shopping trip, accompanied by hair pulling and personal space invading, and I have found myself gritting my teeth and mumbling "Lord, give me strength" under my breath, more often than I should probably admit.

This post isn't meant to be an all out vent session, but I suppose in some senses it is.

I try so very hard to be a good mom, but there have been days recently where I feel like I am coming up short.

I catch myself having very little patience, and often,  I feel on the verge of snapping, and the guilt that I feel when my kids push me to that point, keeps me up at night on occasion.

Sometimes I feel terrible for the way that I react to my children's actions, even though in the moment, it seems totally appropriate.  Seeing them cry when they push to the point that discipline is required, is something that tears me apart inside... but the truth of the matter is, I know deep down, that in the long run M&E will only benefit from structure and discipline, that these boundaries are something that they need in order to thrive.

So even though Max might think that I am a mean mommy for making him eat a real dinner, rather than the granola bar that he'd prefer, or if Ella cries when I have to detach her from my legs and redirect her attention elsewhere so that I can accomplish a simple task, it doesn't necessarily make me mean, it means that I am doing my job.

If on occasion, I have to leave the room, shut the door, and count to ten, or, if on certain days, I feel the need to skip a trip to the store because it's just too hard to manage, than perhaps that is what I need to do.

I'm making it a point to be more forgiving with myself from this point on, and accepting of the fact that I just can't do it all.   I shouldn't feel inadequate, there are just going to be those days that are a struggle, and then there will be days that seem to breeze by with out so much as a hiccup, but I think that this is how parenting is supposed to be... I'm not sure, but I think.

I'm also making it a point to not compare myself to other mothers, who seem to have it all together, because let's be honest, it's unlikely that any of us do... and not to compare my children with other kids, who might seem so much better behaved than mine in certain moments, because no child is perfect.

I had to laugh the other day, when while dropping Max off at school, a couple of moms standing near by, overheard me asking "are you sure you don't need to go potty again before class?" "you'll tell the teachers if you have to go, right?" "make sure you share with your friends today, and use your words, don't just take things."... The other moms smiled, and one asked, "isn't it so funny how we all have the same conversations with our three year old before school?" The simple sentiment of her asking that question, reassured me that I'm not alone in the way I feel sometimes, that I'm not alone in constantly worrying that I'm parenting my kids the right way.  It appears that all of us, as mothers have moments where we feel inadequate. That we all question if we're teaching our children right from wrong.

The silver lining is, that we also get to experience those moments when we feel proud.  When our children do something great that validates our worth as parents and makes us feel good about the choices that we make for them.  Some days we might feel like mean or bad mommies, but in the eyes of our children, I doubt that's truly the case (at least until they are teenagers).  We're all striving to do the best we can, and the struggle is real.

So... like I said, this post wasn't meant to be entirely about my venting and getting all of this off of my chest, it was also meant to make any of you, who might feel like I do sometimes, aware, that you are not alone in these thoughts.  We're all in this together, just trying to stay afloat.  Deep breaths.   if today is a tough one, tomorrow is a fresh start.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Swoon Worthy

I am pleased to say that coffee is FINALLY tasting (and smelling) good to me again (thank you 2nd trimester)!  So this Swoon Worthy post comes to you courtesy of one very happy, caffeine infused mama!

I'm fueling up for a day full of Halloween crafts, costume making, and a neighborhood parade this afternoon, so Lord knows I will need a big cup to keep me going!

I hope you all have some fabulous plans lined up over the next couple of days, even if that means lounging on the couch watching Netflix (true confession, I'm only slightly ashamed to admit it, but I'm on a bit of a Gossip Girl bender myself).  

Here's what I'm swooning over this week:

1.  When I heard that Gap was collaborating with Peanuts, I had to check it out... This Charlie Brown romper is so cute for a little guy!

2.  With the amount of trips that I make to Target in a week, an app that pays me just for walking in, is my new obsession!

3.  This autumn lasagna is on my must-make list for dinner next week!

4.  Love the look of this vest, and this price is pretty great too!

5.  If you didn't check your social media accounts at all yesterday, you might have missed the drop of this... I, like everyone else it seems, can't stop listening.

6.  I don't exactly like to refer to myself as "aging", but let's face it, I'm not getting any younger... This concealer is one of the best I have found for hiding dark under eye circles, and it's budget friendly!

7.  Probably going to have to make this sometime this weekend, as a compliment to the honeycrisp apples that I can't seem to get enough of latelty.

8.  Twilight fans rejoice... I hear there's a new must-have book available for purchase.

9.  Yet another awesome product from one of my favorite clothing lines for littles.  I can't get enough of all the fun colors!

10.  And... last but not least.... no links yet, but the picture that you see above is a sneak peak of Target's amazing 2015 Christmas line!!! My store started stocking stuff this past week, and it's safe to say, I'll take one of EVERYTHING!!!

Have an amazing weekend friends!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Halloween Fun for Kids

With Halloween about a week away, I've been searching both Pinterest and the web for some fun crafts and snacks to make and enjoy with M&E over the next few days, to add a little more excitement to an already fun holiday.

Besides the making of green frosted cupcakes topped with Halloween themed sprinkles, the countless costume changes made by Max (first it was Hulk, then it was Captain America, now it is Spiderman... and God only knows what's next!), and the fun neighborhood parade we'll be attending tomorrow, here are some of the fun ideas that I've come across...

If you have any fun and simple ideas that are good for little ones, I'd love to hear about them!
Happy Friday!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Maternity Must Haves | Part One

Seeing as this is my third pregnancy in the last 4 years, I like to at least pretend that I have a little bit more of a clue this time around then I did during my first pregnancy.

Pregnancy number one included lots of book reading, internet searching, and Pinterest pinning in terms of what I needed, what was happening to my body, and which fruit my baby was shaped like during any given week along the way.

This time around, "ain't nobody got time for that"! So, even though sometimes it feels like I might just be winging it, I thought I would create a little series of lists of my own maternity must haves... perhaps for all of those first timers who are feeling as clueless as I did in the beginning, or maybe even for you seasoned professionals who are looking for some new and fun things to try along the way!

The following is part one of my "must haves":

Olly Prenatal Vitamins- Prenatals are super important during pregnancy.  I prefer the chewy variety, and I love this brand that can be found at Target.

Honest DHA Complete- First of all, this stuff is strawberry flavored, which means no weird after taste, but more importantly, this stuff includes Omega 3's and Vitamin D, and promotes fetal brain and eye development.

Maternity Tee- I literally own these in every color they sell.  they are incredibly comfortable, the long fit covers your growing belly, and they look great paired with maternity jeans, yoga pants, and even over a long tank and leggings.

Refresh Oil-  With this pregnancy, I've been getting a lot of headaches and have been feeling drained.  I'm not big on taking anything for the headaches (not that there's much you can take while pregnant anyway), so I keep this stashed in my purse, and roll it on my wrists, behind my ears, and even under my nose when I'm feeling tired, or when I feel a headache coming on.

Belly Butter- I've been fortunate, thus far, to not have experienced too many stretch marks, but I certainly have experienced the itchiness that comes with stretching skin and a quickly growing belly, this stuff helps to soothe that, and may just be the secret for continuing to avoid those stretch marks.

Maternity Leggings- Hands down, my number one must have!  I cannot live without a good pair(s) of maternity leggings, I even wear them when I'm not pregnant!  They are comfortable, cover/support my belly, and can be dressed up or dressed down, depending what they are paired with!

Preggy Pops Drops- Thanks to lots and lots of first trimester nausea this time around, pregnancy number 3 has provided me with a reason to try these for first time.  They honestly taste great (particularly the green apple flavor), and for some reason sucking on them does seem to at least tame the nausea a bit.

Stay tuned for more maternity must haves!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Swoon Worthy

Well... that was one heck of a week.  I am so glad that the weekend is here, and I can't wait to whip up some chili, roast some pumpkin seeds, and hang out in sweats... and by hang out, I mean chase 2 tiny humans around... and by sweats, I mean as opposed to my usual yoga pants...

But that's neither here nor there.

I thought I'd give a brief little description of what these Swoon Worthy posts are all about, for the many new friends that have been making their way to

Swoon Worthy is a random weekly (for the most part) post/list of all of the things I am loving/swooning over at the moment.  This list usually includes, but is never limited to, fashion items, products my family loves, recipes, crafts/DIY inspiration, and even other blog posts or articles from the web.  I hope that helps to clarify what you're about to read.

Without further ado, here's what I'm swooning over this week...

1.  Six different recipes for pumpkin seed flavors... and I fully intend on trying them all.

2.  Naturally I'm already virtually shopping for Baby K #3... and kind of wishing that I could get one of these jumpers in my size too!

3.  I never met a blanket scarf I didn't like.

4.  If your in need of some lunch inspiration for this weekend, I'm hoping this recipe will help you out.

5.  For those of you who don't already know, my love for handmade shops runs deep, this shop's Thanksgiving inspired  bows and headbands have me swooning for sure.

6.  My super creative friend had me sold at the sheer mention of pumpkin spice latte, and Max sold when he heard the words play dough!

7.  This stuff has been a total life saver in our house this fall.

8.  This "bark" almost looks too good to eat!

9.  I couldn't call myself an obsessive holiday lover, if I didn't share the love and provide a link for the 13 Nights of Halloween line up.

10.  A whole season has passed and I'm still obsessed with all things buffalo plaid!

Hoping you all have the BEST weekend!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Harvest Chicken Salad

I am an avid fan of chicken salad... particularly when it is prepared with fruit and fresh herbs, giving it the perfect sweet and savory flavor combination.

This "Harvest Chicken Salad", is my go-to recipe when I want to whip up a small batch to have on hand, for lunch for the weekend.

It's easy to throw together, and is great served on croissants, fresh bread, or even atop lettuce for a great salad.

Harvest Chicken Salad


1 (store bought) rotisserie chicken, breast meat removed and shredded
2 Tbs mayonnaise
3/4 of a cup, of plain Greek yogurt (give or take, depending on how creamy you prefer it)
the juice of half a lemon
1/2 cup of apple, chopped (I prefer honeycrisp or granny smith)
1/3 cup dried cranberries
1/8 chopped pecans
1 Tbs chopped fresh chives
S & P to taste

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl.  Chill until ready to serve.

Now we have lunch on hand for the weekend!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Three Is...

When I was the proud owner of a two year-old, there was much talk about the dreaded "terrible twos".  

As a toddler, when Max acted up in public or in front of family, the excuse was often made, "oh, it's just the terrible twos", as if it were some sort of plague that effected all kids of that age, throughout the history of time.  I never really considered it to be all that terrible though, to be honest.  There were good days and there were bad, but the entire second year, couldn't be written off as terrible.

When Max's third birthday was upon us, I began to hear, much more often than I preferred, "if you thought two was bad, three is worse".  "Threenager" was term that was thrown around often, but since I really didn't think that two was more than I could handle (for the most part), I wasn't quite sure what to expect during the impending third year.

I've read countless Facebook posts written by friends, articles, and blog posts about the behavior of three year-olds, particularly this one, that I came across recently, which had me laughing out loud, and inspired me to reflect a bit on what this age has been like for us, now that I have a few months of experience parenting a three year-old under my belt.

Here's a little list of what three is like in my opinion.

Three is...

Three is a kid who prefers a diet made up wholly of fruit snacks, pirates booty, and waffles.  A kid who refuses to sit down and eat a meal, no matter how much you beg and plead, and who feels as though he has rightfully earned a dessert after eating only a half a dinner roll with butter for dinner.

Three is a kid who tells you he doesn't need to go potty, even after you ask him no less then 5 times before leaving the house, and then religiously needs to go as soon as you get to the end of your road.

Three is a kid who rips toys right out of his younger sister's hands, and shows no shame as she cries hysterically and throws herself on the floor.

Three is a kid that makes a game out of getting dressed every. single. day.  It doesn't matter if you are getting ready to go somewhere fun, or somewhere he wants to go.  Getting him dressed will no doubt turn into a WWE wrestling match.

Three is a kid, who "isn't tired", and who refuses a nap, only to fall asleep within 5 minutes of being left alone in his quiet room.

Three is a kid who throws a tantrum loud enough for everyone to hear, when you refuse to buy him a $30 Lego set at Target for no reason.

Three is a kid who tells you you're "being rude", or a "bad mommy or daddy", when you don't let him do whatever he wants.

But Three is also....

Three is a kid who announces loud enough for anyone within earshot in Target to hear, that you are "the best mommy in the whole wide world"

Three is a kid who gives his sister a hug every single morning when he wakes up and exclaims, "good morning Ella, I missed you".

Three is a kid who tells you countless times a day that you are his best buddy.

Three is a kid that gives the greatest hugs and is the best snuggler around.

Three is a kid that tells you and your husband, countless times each night before bed, that he loves you "berry much"

Three is a kid who walks out of his preschool classroom at pick up time and gives his sister a huge hug, making all of the waiting parent's hearts melt.

Three is a kid that replies "You're berry, berry welcome mama" whenever you thank him for doing something"

Three is a kid who calls out to random strangers across a store, "Hiiii, how are you today?.

The bottom line...

Three is just one year, in a very short sequence of years.  You only get to experience each year one time, and that's it.  

Sure three is tough, sure there are days that I want to rip my hair out, sure there are days where the term "threenager" couldn't ring more true, but there are also good days, and even better moments.

When we're having a tough day, I have to remind myself, that Max is only three.  He's little, and he's only going to be for a short time.  Someday I will miss this age (I'm sure particularly upon entering the teenage years), and I'll probably look back and think that three really wasn't all that bad.  Just like two wasn't.

So even if your three year-old is acting up, and making you crazy, try to remind yourself, as someone who's been there always does, that the days are long, but the years are short.  This too shall pass, so live in the present and savor the moment... even when it isn't so easy to do so.

Just some sentimental thoughts... now I'm off to break up a full-out brawl over a Buzz Lightyear doll!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Playroom Inspiration

One of the main things that attracted me to our new house when I first stumbled across the listing, was the fact that it had a huge finished basement/rec room.  I instantly envisioned our family spending countless hours in this space, and had big plans to use it as both a family room and playroom.

The fact that I could potentially hide the disaster that results when M&E run wild in their play area, in the basement, rather than where everyone could see it, was a HUGE win in my opinion.

I had dreams of an immaculate, well decorated, main floor that featured a couch where you could no longer find puffs between the cushions, baskets full of beautiful pillows and throws vs. junk, and mess that was out of sight, out of mind.

But... as we all know... plans change.

I quickly realized that spending so much time in the basement wasn't really convenient for our family, particularly me, being home with 2 (3 come April) kids all day.  The main floor of our house is where stuff gets done.  It's where our laundry room is, where I do my cooking, wash the dishes, pay the bills, and sit down to write these blog posts... So the wheels began to turn.

Many of my friends have opted to turn their formal dining rooms into playrooms.  They felt that the space could be better utilized that way, and would be a great room for their little ones to play in, while they could tend to the long list of chores around the house and still keep a close eye on them.
I quickly began to realize this was also true for us.

As much as I love a formal dining room, the reality is, we wouldn't use one very often.  We have an eat-in kitchen, and don't currently live near many of our friends and family, so using the room in this way just makes more sense for us.

Last week, we began the painting portion of this "makeover", and over time I have been making some small purchases in terms of decor.  I'm planning on sharing the "after" photos with you all sometime in the next week or so, but in the meantime, I thought I'd share a little mood board with you all.

The vision for this room includes neutral walls (North Star), black and white, pops of color, and using the kid's own artwork as decor.  A very small section of the room will hold my desk, so I can work on things for my Etsy shop and the blog, while the kids play beside me, and my hope is that in the future I will be able to tend to the new baby while Max and Ella enjoy their toys nearby.

I can't wait to show you the end result, but for now it's bye bye burgundy walls, and hello operation modern playroom.  Stay Tuned.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Swoon Worthy

Cheers to the weekend my friends... after what seemed like the longest week ever, I couldn't be more thrilled that Saturday is upon us.

I'm hoping to use the next few days to get our home decorated for Halloween. I'm always big on decorating for fall, like as soon as September hits, but I generally lose some steam when it comes to Halloween decor.  Now that M&E are getting a little older, they're pretty fascinated by all of the fun spider webs, bats, and jack-o-lanterns that they see every time we walk through Target, so I picked up a few fun festive items, and hope to get down to it sometime over the next couple of days.

As always... In the meantime, here's what I'm swooning over this week!

1.  Iced or hot... every since my pregnancy induced coffee aversion began, I can't get enough of this stuff in its place.

2.  I love a good, festive, holiday garland.

3.  I'm only a little bit sorry (not sorry) for linking yet another pumpkin related recipe.

4.  I still swear up and down that these are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned... This black pair is next on my my-have list.

5.  This article sums up so many of the feelings that I have about parenting.

6.  A little throw back to last year around this time, because I think it's time to make this snack mix again.

7.  I stumbled upon this sweater this past week, bought it, and see it getting A LOT of wear over the next few months.

8.  How adorable are these happy little pumpkins?!?

9.  I really need to find out whether baby #3 is a boy or a girl... but in the meantime, I'll take one of these in every color please!

10.  Officially addicted to this stuff.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Pumpkin Dip

Several years ago, back when I was still a working woman, someone in my office brought in the most amazing pumpkin dip for a fall party that we were having.

Naturally, being the pumpkin advocate that I am, I was all about this dip... I kept going back for more (and more).

Because I was feeling the need to replicate the dish at home, of course I asked my co-worker for the recipe.  She listed off the ingredients, which in that moment, I logged in my memory like any good pumpkin lover would.

Over the years, the precise recipe has sort of slipped  from my mind, yet every fall I still manage to whip it up at least a few times, sort of just been winging it when it comes to measurements/exact ingredients. Never the less, it is still always delicious and highly addicting... so last fall, I made it a point to write down exactly what I did, my own sort of rendition of the original recipe, if you will.

This dip requires only a handful of ingredients, most of which you likely already have on hand, and it whips up in moments.  It's great to take to a party... or for hoarding all for yourself... not that I'm encouraging that or anything.

Pumpkin Dip


1 (8 ounce) package of softened cream cheese
1 (15 ounce) can of pumpkin puree
1.5 cups confectioners sugar
1 Tbs ground cinnamon
1/2 Tbs pumpkin pie spice
1 tsp orange juice

To Prepare

In a large bowl, or the bowl of a stand mixer (I use my Kitchenaid for this), cream together the cream cheese and confectioners sugar using a hand mixer (if you do not have a stand mixer).  Add in pumpkin puree and continue to blend. Lastly add the spices and orange juice, until all ingredients are well blended.
Chill until ready to serve.
Serve with Nilla Wafers (my personal favorite), ginger snaps, graham crackers, or whatever you prefer. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Non-Truths I Tell Myself and My Children

... Because I can't call them Lies!

1.  "The baby deserves a treat" while stuffing something in my mouth that clearly offers zero health benefits to my child in utero... Case in point the hot chocolate, pictured above, with all the fixin's.

2.  "That is mommy's medicine", when Max finds my secret candy stash in the pantry and asks what something is.

3.  That the fruit snacks that my three year old is addicted to, are both fruit and a snack... so therefor they're healthy.

4.  That it is completely acceptable to wear my maternity leggings, even when I am not pregnant, because they are comfortable and no one can tell the difference (this is much easier to admit now that I actually am pregnant!).

5.  "It's raining outside", when M&E want to go outside for the third time in one day to play, and I'm just too tired to humor them.  The sad part is, Max now knows when it's raining and when it's not.

6.  And last... but most definitely not least, that I don't miss wine right now... because I do, I do so much!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Weekend Recap aka The Big Purge

Normally on Mondays (or sometimes Tuesdays, depending on how our week kicks off), I like to do a little recap, here on the blog, of our weekend.  It's usually mostly photos, you know, for memories sake.  This past weekend however, nothing photo-worthy occurred.  There were no trips to the pumpkin patch, there was no apple picking taking place... this past weekend, the only thing that happened around here was a little thing I like to call "The Big Purge".

Every once and while, I start to feel a little overwhelmed with all of the "stuff" that is accumulating around the house.  My OCD starts to kick in, and I begin to feel a little claustrophobic, like the walls are closing in on me.

I'm sure you know what I mean... Mail starts piling up because you haven't taken the time to sort it, toys are strewn about, and when it comes time to do the seasonal closet swap out, you realize just how long it's been since you've worn that shirt that's in there just taking up space.  Case in point, the size 2 flare jeans from American Eagle that, let's be honest, I won't be wearing anytime soon.

Between the 2 kids, and the exhaustion the one on the way has been causing, things have gotten away from me just a bit... but this weekend, I was motivated in every way to take charge, and regain command of our surroundings, which is where "The Big Purge" came in.

If you haven't already heard of "The-Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up", the book that is being posted all over social media, and has made it's way to the top of the NY Times Best Seller list, consider yourself enlightened.  I was intrigued after stumbling across the title several times, so I downloaded it to my kindle this weekend, and dove in head first.

This book gets rave reviews, and people swear by the author's method for tidying up, and keeping it that way.  So far, being the sucker that I am, she has me sold.  Shortly after I began reading, I was really motivated to start simplifying... to start surrounding myself with more quality, and less quantity.

Now like I said, I just started reading, so I can't confidently provide my own reviews on Kondo's method just yet, but she certainly has the wheels in my head turning.

We spent the entire weekend pitching (donating) all of the clothes, shoes, and accessories that we just aren't wearing, and the resulting pile of stuff was honestly embarrassing.  I feel like I have a tendency to hold on to items based on a "what if" mind set.  What if I lose a ton of weight after I have the baby?  What if someday I want to wear that dress again?  What if those pants come back in style?  Yet the truth of the matter is, it's all just taking up space, and crowding the view of the stuff I really want to see when I look in my closet.

Downloading this book, and getting rid of so much unnecessary stuff has led me to also become curious about this whole "capsule wardrobe" concept.  If you haven't heard of this trend, it basically operates on the idea that for each season a person should only own a certain number of essential items.  These items are things that you will love to wear again and again, they are comfortable, and they are versatile... and most importantly, they can be mixed and matched to achieve several different looks.

Naturally I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration, and given the circumstances was mostly drawn to "Maternity Capsule Wardrobe" pins, but I wanted to share a few here, so you get the idea.

All of this has inspired me to come up with my own capsule wardrobe inspiration board, while I think about whether or not the fashion lover in me can really pair down my closet this much, but it's certainly something worth considering

Have any of you tried this method?  I'd love to hear about it if you have.  I'll definitely share the details here if I decide to take the plunge... I just can't decide if I'm brave enough to do it or not, but I have to say that purging so much this past weekend felt really good, and it's kind of addicting!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Swoon Worthy


October is officially here, and I don't know how the weather is where you all are, but the temperatures here in New York have dropped quite a bit this past week.  It doesn't seem that we're going to be climbing out of the low to mid 50's this weekend, which means it really and truly feels like fall now (yipee!)

This time of year, through the holidays, is my favorite time to put together these Swoon Worthy lists. There is just so much fun and festive stuff out there to share.  Plus, if you add to that, that my pregnancy is now "out there" to all of you, I can be even more shameless about adding recipe links, based on what I am craving at any given moment... These lists could get really interesting over the next few months.

So, grab your PSL, hot tea, whatever you're drink of choice is, and let's jump right into this week's list!

1.  I just love it when two of my favorite companies come together in a collaboration that produces such an awesome line for babes.

2.  If you've been following along for even a short time, you know all about my love for one-pot pasta dishes.  This one sounds just perfect for fall!

3.  Every year, I like to add a few more books to our Halloween collection.  This book is one of our favorites this year.

4.  If you guys remember, when we were moving from Pittsburgh to NY, I was obsessed with the "Love grows best in little houses like this" quote... well, I still am, and I just discovered that an artist whom I adore, makes this amazing throw pillow.

5.  Pumpkin oatmeal cream pies.  Be still my pumpkin loving heart.

6.  I'm so in love with the ankle boot trend again this fall.  This pair is a great find for the price.

7.  If those of you with little ones aren't already following this lady, you must.  She blogs about the greatest deals and trendiest items, I can't tell you how many times her site has hooked me up with a great deal on something I wanted for M&E.

8.  Yup, you guessed it, another pumpkin recipe... these baked pumpkin donut holes are on my to-do list this weekend!

9.  Itty bitty ponchos get me every time!

10.  Looking for some creative decor, food, and costume ideas for Halloween?  These guys have you covered.

I hope, as always, that you all have an amazing weekend!

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