Monday, July 11, 2016

Theo's Three Month Update

I honestly cannot believe that today marks three months since Theo entered our world.  I totally sound like a broken record, but with every baby, the time just seems to pass faster and faster, and this time it's flying by at warp speed!

Trying to remember what life was life before Theo came along, is nearly impossible... it's as though he has always been here, and things have just permanently been this crazy!

We had a bit of a rough start with him in the sleep department, but things appear to be improving.  Lately he has been sleeping roughly 6-7 hours at night, only waking to nurse once (occasionally twice), and then going right back to sleep. 

This week we are going to attempt putting him in his crib at night for the first time.  We have been holding off on this, because he and Max will be sharing a room, and we were worried about him waking his big brother at night.  Hopefully this transition will go smoothly, and everyone will get into a good nighttime routine (fingers crossed!).

Otherwise, this kid's personality seems to really be developing.  He smiles a ton, and loves to be wherever the party is (serious FOMO issues!).  I think he is particularly fond of being outside, where he can stare up at the trees and watch the leaves move with the wind.

We have officially reached the point where he is trying to put EVERYTHING in his mouth, and drool flows on a constant, hence our love for bandana bibs.  I can't tell if he will be an early teether, or if it's just his way of checking things out.

He's not too fond of tummy time,  but thanks to some pretty strong head control, he really seems to enjoy sitting in the Bumbo seat and the highchair.

Theo nurses like a pro, and to this point, we're still pretty much on an "on demand" schedule.  It still shocks me sometimes that he will take a bottle and enjoys a pacifier, seeing as he is the first of our kids to take either.  It is amazing to watch him fall asleep with the paci in his mouth since both M&E almost always had to be nursed to sleep.

I have had a lot of fun using these Milestone Cards to document his growth over these last few months... I feel guilty admitting it, but these days it's tough for me to keep up with a baby book, so these cards have been an easy and sweet way to snap photos of his milestones along the way.

{c/o Milestone}

I know that there will be lots of BIG changes in the coming weeks and months, and I'm looking forward to using the milestone cards to capture those moments.

 In the meantime, I'll be searching for a way to slow down time, because this boy is growing much too fast for me!!!

*** This post was sponsored by Milestone Cards.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


  1. he is so cute! i wish i knew about those adorable cards when mine were babies. definitely going to get some for gifts!

  2. I love the milestone cards, they're such a great idea! Their is adorable, I can't believe he's 3 months already!


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