Monday, July 25, 2016

What's In My Diaper Bag

Maybe I'm nosey, but I love a good "What's In My Bag" post.  

I think it is so much fun to see what other people cram into their bags, and I've discovered some of my favorite products thanks to other bloggers sharing the contents of their purses.  So, after a few requests to share what I tote in mine, today I'm spilling the beans (or the contents of my bag).
First lets start with the bag... There are so many good diaper bags out there these days! There are diaper bags that don't even look like diaper bags, but seeing as I already own a closet full of pretty purses, when it comes to the one I carry around every day, while out and about with my three kids, I went with a crossbody style (which can also be worn backpack style), from Little Unicorn.  I loved the color, and the fact that it had a ton of pockets and compartments, which as you can imagine, I totally fill with junk!

Now let's have a peek at what's inside!  In an effort to keep things as authentic as possible, I pretty much just dumped my bag out onto our table and arranged things so that you could see it all...

I'll cover the baby stuff first...

Of course there are the essentials. diapers and wipes, which I keep stashed in an amazing wet/dry clutch from Logan & Lenora (you can enjoy 15% off of your purchase from them, by using any of the links to their site in this post).  This clutch is my favorite, because it makes it super easy to get to the items that I need to change Theo or Ella, without having to dig through my entire bag, and as an added bonus, on the rare occasion that I go out without kids, it's the perfect size and style to carry the things that I need just for me!

Next, I always make sure to carry a pacifier (and we keep ours close by using these awesome pacifier clips from Loved By Sophia Claire), as well as teething toys, like these amazing silicone ones from Little Standout and the infamous Sophie the Giraffe.

I also always keep a bandana bib (our favorites are from Ollie & Tate and Hemming Birds) and a burp cloth on hand, because babies drool, and they spit up... it's a given.

An extra outfit when you have a baby is a necessity, in my opinion... you never know when a diaper blow out is going to strike.

{bandana bib c/o Ollie and Tate | camera teether c/o Little Standout | pacifier clip c/o Loved by Sophia Claire | burp cloth}

I don't go anywhere these days without my Solly Baby Wrap.  I've already confessed my love for baby wearing here, but honestly, this wrap is a lifesaver when I don't feel like hauling the stroller out of the car.

You can always find snacks stashed in my bag... mostly for bribing my older kids, but on the occasion when hunger strikes, they have come in handy for me as well.

It goes without saying that hand sanitizer is a must-have in a diaper bag, as are tissues.  I'm not obsessive about sanitizing things, because I honestly believe that exposing your kids to stuff is good for their immune system, but when it comes to diaper changing, and wiping runny noses, I like to have this stuff nearby to keep things in check.  I also like to keep a bottle of gripe water in my bag just in case Theo seems extra fussy or gassy.

{clutch c/o Logan and Lenora}

Ironically, the bag that I carry actually houses very few items that are exclusively for me... sunglasses, a wallet, and my phone are about it, besides my bag full of lip balms/sticks.  Even if I'm out and about sporting athleisure, some color on my lips helps me feel somewhat put together, and what can I say, I'm all about having a variety of choices!

That about sums it up.  Nothing fancy here, just the stuff that gets this mom of three through the day to day.  What are your diaper bag or purse must haves?  I'm dying to know!



  1. i love seeing what others carry too! our bags are pretty similar :)

  2. I love seeing whats inside other peoples bags! It's like seeing the layout of their houses! I just love wondering what it looks like inside. Ha! We carry pretty similar items! I'm also not a germaphobe and pretty minimal (is that even possible with a baby?), and I also throw my own five things in the diaper bag so I don't have to carry the diaper bag, the toddler backback AND my purse. Haha!

  3. Haha- I remember the days of toting pacifiers and Gripe water. Now I can sport a much smaller bag!

  4. It's so fun seeing what's in other mama's diaper bags! Ahahaha yours isn't nearly as messy as mine ;)

  5. I love peeking into other people's bags!

  6. I always love seeing what's in everyone's bags too! Looks a lot like my diaper bag, but I need to add that cute polka dot clutch to mine!

  7. I spied Sophie the giraffe right away! That was an essential item in my diaper bag for so long!

  8. gosh I love that clutch!!!!1 I am obsessed with what's in my.... posts!!!!!! LOVE it!

  9. I love clif bars and pirates booty. Those are always in our bag! xo~ Megan


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