Friday, March 7, 2014

Preparation Makes Perfect

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During my first pregnancy, I had this undeniable intuition that I was going to go into labor early.  Low and behold, it turned out my intuition was right. Max arrived abruptly, a whopping 8 days early.
At almost 32 weeks into pregnancy #2, I'm beginning to have that same gut feeling. Although, I know enough now to know that I'll never be fully prepared, the chances of this impending hasty arrival have led me to start thinking about packing my hospital bag... just to be safe.

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Using a combination of 2nd-time-mom experience, as well as the obvious pinning of ideas via Pinterest, I have come up with my very own list, that I thought I would share. Here it is:

I'm a big list person.  Having something to check off helps keep me on track and keeps me from forgetting things. I learned the first time around, that you don't really need a lot when it comes to your short hospital stay.  This is why my list is pretty basic, just the essentials.  In my opinion, comfort is the most important thing when it comes to Mama, so keep in mind what makes you feel best. I do pack make up and hair supplies, simply because I like to be prepared for visitors and for all of the photos that will indefinitely be taken... I certainly wouldn't say full on glam is necessary, but a little bit of mascara and bronzer can do wonders.
As far as clothing goes, think sweats, flannels, and nursing tanks.  I live in my PINK sweats, so those definitely get packed. a comfy robe to wear when visitors come is a must for me, but a good hoodie is nice to have too.
I do pack some sexy cotton granny panties of my own, but last time around, I mostly took advantage of the lovely disposable underwear the hospital had to offer... As well as their free, albeit giant, maxi pads.  Slippers and/or some warm socks are a necessity, no one wants to put their bare feet on yucky hospital floors!
When it comes to baby, the hospital really provides a lot. It's a safe bet that they will supply diapers, wipes, blankets, even pacifiers. I like to pack sleeper gowns and footie pajamas, they're warm and comfortable for baby, and make it easy when it comes to diaper changes. I do pack a blanket or 2 of our own, just because I like to have things from home that are pretty. Also, little hats/caps and those sweet mittens to keep baby from scratching their face are musts.
For Daddy it's pretty basic, just things to make him comfortable.
Don't forget your camera, phone charger, and some of your favorite snacks and drinks.  You will be ravenous and thirsty after delivering that babe!
Well, here's to hoping I'll be very well prepared for our little lady!

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