Thursday, April 17, 2014

Swoon Worthy

1. So, so, so in love with these adorable shoes for baby girl!

2. You better believe these Nutella donuts are on my Easter brunch menu!

3. Absolutely dropping hints for this necklace for a Mother's Day gift this year!

4. I gave up coffee for Lent this year, so I am drooling over this recipe! Can't wait to indulge!

5. Love these super cute pastel polos for toddler boys.

6. I'm pretty much obsessed with the entire Threshold line at Target, but these poufs are to die for!

7. I ordered one of these awesome teething rings for baby girl today, I had to restrain myself, because I love everything this shop makes!

8. I love Essie nail polish, and I adore their spring line

9.  I ordered these gold polka dots for baby girl's nursery awhile ago... I love the concept!

10. I know I posted about Freshly Picked moccs last week, but I am seriously swooning over their latest color.

Hope you enjoyed swooning over this weeks picks with me!

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