Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Time Crunch

It is officially April now. The month our little lady is estimated to make her debut into this world! Today marks 27 days until my due date, but I am hopeful for another early arrival, seeing as Max arrived 8 days early. With all that being said, the time crunch is officially on.

I sat down the other day to write a to do list... At the top I wrote,  "things to do before baby #2", and then the list began, and it seemed to go on and on, and on.  I am a habitual procrastinator, and should probably just accept the fact that it won't/can't all be done. 

Above and beyond all of the things that really and truly NEED to be done, I am still working on a wide array of projects. Some  things for the baby, some for my Etsy shop, and others, well... Just because I like projects, and I'd rather spend time on fun stuff than chores and cleaning house!

I have been working on this beautiful knitted chevron baby afghan for quite some time now. I found the pattern on and fell in love. In all honesty, it should have been done weeks ago, however the lovely store where I buy the amazing Blue Sky Alpaca's organic cotton yarn the pattern calls for, has been waiting for an order to come in. I am anxiously awaiting their call to let me know it has finally arrived so that I can pick up the final 3 colors and check this blanket off on the to do list.

I have also been crocheting up multiple pairs of these adorable baby sandals for our sweet girl. They 
are so precious, and I can't get enough of them. I'm getting the feeling that she's going to end up with a closet full of these cuties in a ton of fun colors. A girl needs her accessories.

One morning, while browsing Nordstrom's baby department online (when I should have been doing something more productive), I came across the sweetest little crocheted crown headband. I instantly knew I had to have one in my possession, but was fairly certain I could make it myself for quite a bit less... 25 minutes later, our little princess had one, and I was feeling very accomplished. These are now available in my Etsy shop. I think they'd make a great prop for a baby photo shoot.

Then, I stumbled upon an amazing tutorial for this super easy skirt while reading Coconut Robot's blog, and I just knew I had to make one. The one she made was toddler sized, and I wanted to make it infant sized. Being a novice when it comes to sewing clothing, I was a bit clueless about how to make the adjustments, but thanks to her suggestions, I worked it out, and it turns out, this was a pretty simple sewing project that turns out a fabulous finished project. There will definitely be more of these made in the future. I think I actually want to try to make the adjustments to make an adult sized one for myself. Not for now though, for the summer...when I'm not hugely pregnant. That would just look wrong!

That about wraps it up for now. Hopefully I get a few more things checked off the list before my next post, and before this baby arrives. For now I'm keeping busy with Max, and everything else that goes along with being a modern day homemaker.

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