Saturday, September 26, 2015

Swoon Worthy

Happy first official weekend of fall!

It seems it is now socially acceptable for our house to be fully decorated for autumn... even though it has been since the first week of September (fall enthusiast over here!).

On this weekend's agenda is an attempt at a family trip to the apple orchard, followed promptly by indulging in warm homemade apple crisp, and we'll be rounding it all out with copious amounts of time spent lounging on the couch/watching football... With the occasional chore around the house thrown in for good measure.

In the meantime, I thought I'd share with all of you, with what I'm swooning over this week.  Allow me to break it down for you...

1.  Target's fall line.  In particular, this pillow, this pillow, and this mug... all of which I picked up this past week.  I want one of everything.

2.  I am totally falling for the poncho trend this fall.  This one, paired with some skinny jeans, and heeled booties, might just be my go-to autumn outfit!

3.  In case you missed this post earlier this week, do yourself a favor, and make these this weekend!

4.  One of our favorite companies just release a new version of their popular plates.  Naturally, we hopped online and ordered a few.

5.  This genius concoction sounds like the perfect fall cocktail.

6.  I have finally hopped on the arm knitting band wagon, after stumbling across this book.

7.  We'll be making this healthy fall snack ASAP!

8.  Feeling this handbag style this season.

9.  Are these tights not the cutest???

10.  Lastly, the Adam Lippes for Target line drops tomorrow, and since I can't get enough of plaid, I'm dying to see it.

Also, if you didn't already catch it, my Etsy shop, kozy & co, is now opening again, featuring our fall line.  Be sure to check it out!

Have a great weekend!

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