Thursday, September 3, 2015

Don't Forget to Brush Your Chiclets

Our sweet little Ella has been "teething" for approximately 5,327 days now it seems.  Exaggeration, yes, but that's how long it feels like it's been around here.

Those adorable bottom two middle teeth popped through before her first birthday, and thankfully didn't cause much of a fuss.  Surely (we thought), the other teeth would follow suit, and be making their way into the world in the near future.  Max had most of his teeth shortly after he turned one, and we all know, that babies are all alike (sarcasm at its finest)... Not so much.

Months seemed to pass without so much as a glimpse of anything white poking through Ella's gums.  Then low and behold, those lateral incisors arrived... before her top middle two teeth... and so we had a baby vampire on our hands.

Despite Ella's laughable (mostly) toothless grin, I was well aware of the importance of instilling a good sense of dental hygiene in her from early on.  Enter Nuby's 4 Stage Oral Care System...

My friends, this product is genius.  I'm a sucker for convenience, so a set that has us covered from that gummy baby grin all the way through to a toothy toddler smile is right up my ally (plus it's BPA free #winning).

Since Ella was mostly toothless during the first year of her life, we stuck with the first stage; a super soft silicone massager that fit on the tip of my finger.  This stage totally helped get her used to the idea of the feeling of brushing while still being gentle on her sensitive gums.

We have since moved on to a combination of stage 2 and 3.  Stage 2 is a soft massager that is perfect for older gums and new teeth while stage 3 is for cleaning the gums and teeth during the teething process.  We generally stick with the stage 3 brush, but on days that I can tell a tooth might be on its way and her gums seem extra sensitive, we'll take a step back to stage 2. 

Seeing as Ella is only 16 months old, I still have to help her a bit with the brushing process, but she totally enjoys holding the brushes herself and gnawing on them to help soothe her sore gums, annnnnd, since it's never too early to get started with good oral hygiene care, I like to let her think she's doing all of the work!

The Nuby Oral Care Set can be purchased at Babies R Us and on, and if you're interested in more information on this and other Nuby products, follow along with their social media sites:

As for us, Ella's top middle teeth have finally just popped though, so I'm hoping that there is some light at the end of this teething tunnel, and that we will finally be moving on to stage 4 (soft nylon bristles for brushing new teeth)!

***Disclaimer:  Contemporary Domestics is a part of the Nuby Parent Blogger Program.  We were sent these products to test out and review, however all thoughts and opinions are (as always) entirely my own.


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