Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Mid-week Ramblings

Christmas is 8 days away.... 8 days people!!! How is December more than half way over???

Despite my best efforts to squeeze in every Christmas-y activity I can think of, I still feel like I'm falling short for some reason. Like there just isn't enough time this year, to do it all.

The sentiment in this children's book I came across on Insta is pretty spot on!

So today... I made a vow to myself, that since I am finally pretty much caught up on (most) things, I will really make an effort this next week, to slow it down and enjoy my most favorite time of year.

Yesterday we picked up a gingerbread kit and an awesome color-able (is that a word?) tablecloth at Target. I wish I could provide a link for it, but have not been able to find it online for the life of me. 

We found ours in the seasonal section, along with some other fun kid friendly Christmas activities... The best $4 I've spent in awhile, I may even be having more fun with it than Max. 

We also recently ordered this Miracle on 34th Street box set, which includes both the original and the newer 90's version. It's a tradition for us to watch the original every year on Christmas Eve. Normally it's on television, but last year we couldn't find it. Adding it to our holiday movie library, to avoid any disasters this year, seemed like the right thing to do!

Over the last few days, I managed to ship out my partner's gift for the goody goody giftswap, and made the decision that as of tomorrow, Little Peach Blossoms will be taking a short vacation to enjoy the holidays and to work on some new items. 
Any open orders are still shipping out, I just won't be taking any new ones until after Christmas. Hopefully this will allow me to work on some handmade gifts for my loved ones. As always though, I am incredibly thankful for all of the love and support many of you have given my little business.

In other news, how awesome is this throw back record player?  This one is a gift for M&E from my mom... I loved this thing when I was little.

Also, I'm starting to think about my Christmas Eve menu, and even began wrapping a few gifts.  I was involved in a big holiday blogger link up the other day, hosted by Home Sweet Ruby, and came across this awesome Christmas sangria recipe from Lisa Loves John... pretty sure we're going to have to make that happen.

And... last but not least, the yarn lover in me was inspired by these beautiful gift wrapping ideas from Joanna Gaines.  I swear everything that woman touches is perfection.

Hope you're all having a wonderful and festive week!

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