Friday, December 12, 2014

Pseudo Swoon Worthy and Other Randoms

In light of the holiday season, I'm going to be doing something a little bit different this week than my typical Swoon Worthy post.

I've been putting together some fun gift guides for everyone on your to-buy-for list, so they will be taking the place of my usual Saturday morning ramblings about all of the stuff I'm currently loving.

With that being said, I did come across some pretty awesome stuff, at some really great prices this past week, so I thought I might as well do a sort of pseudo Swoon Worthy post, a little pre-game for tomorrow's main event, if you will... Besides, who doesn't love awesome stuff and great deals, right?

I decided to treat myself to a couple of things this week.  Mostly because they were on sale, but also because it seems I rarely NEVER buy anything for me anymore. These pajamas are on sale at Target right now for $14.99.  I picked up a pair in the Xavier Navy print, and have pretty much been living in them ever since.  They are warm, comfy, cute, and they were super cheap! It will be a Christmas miracle if I don't end up buying a pair in every color.

And... since I can't get enough of Target, I also bought a pair of these super cute, and festive, leggings.  For the most part I'm only brave enough to wear them around the house, I did, however, venture out to the post office in them this morning!

Fair-isle is literally EVERYWHERE this season.  I really love this sweater, and you can't beat the price.

And... last, but not least.  I have been swooning over this bag for quite some time now, but haven't allowed myself to splurge. In the meantime, I found this faux leather knock-off version on sale for $28.00 at Old Navy. It will definitely do the trick for now, and I'm sure I'll be a lot less upset when it ends of covered in chocolate milk stains and full of goldfish crackers.

In other news, we ran into Starbucks today to grab a few things, and Max literally walked in, grabbed himself a nice big leather chair and acted like he owned the place.

Starbucks is pretty much a necessity lately, since Ella has been on an afternoon nap strike this week.

Lastly, ever since watching the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show the other night, I have been OBSESSED with this song. We basically listened to it on repeat in the car today until Max finally said, "mama, song over!" I dutifully took note that he had clearly had enough and immediately turned the Christmas music back on!

Ok, enough of my random rambling.  Cheers to the weekend friends!

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