Monday, May 16, 2016

Theo James | One Month

We celebrated Theo's one month birthday on the 11th, and as you can see, I'm a few days behind on sharing his monthly update. You can probably expect this moving forward, because well, #thirdchildproblems.

I'm not even really sure that there is that much to share at this point. He's pretty much your typical newborn... eat, sleep, poop, repeat... but I do enjoy writing these posts because it's my own little way of documenting the life we are living at the moment, so I will share what I know...

For starters, I can hardly believe that this boy is a month old already.  It seems that with each baby, the time just passes faster and faster, and in Theo's case, the last month was about the shortest month ever.

Our (not so) little guy is filling out fast, and his cheeks and thighs are become more pinchable by the day, which is no surprise, because he loves to eat.  Theo nurses like a champ, and as of right now, he's actually taking one pumped bottle of milk a day, which is totally new to us, since his big brother and sister were avidly anti-bottle from the beginning. We attempted a little at home weigh-in the other day, and he was just over 11 pounds.

We've lovingly nicknamed him Chunk (due to the stats listed above) and T-Bone, both of which just seem fitting.  We also sometimes refer to him as "the grumpy old man", because well, if the shoe fits... Theo wants to be held or to be nursing pretty much at all times, and if he's not doing one of those 2 things, or sleeping, he tends to look and behave like a grumpy old man, scowling at us until he gets what he wants.  It seems to getting better as time passes, but I wouldn't exactly refer to him as laid back.

On the plus side, he is without a doubt my most snuggly baby thus far.  He loves being worn, so most days he spends his time strapped to me as I try to accomplish things around the house.

He also enjoys bath time, long strolls, and riding in the car... all of which put him to sleep, so that's a plus.

Nights are a bit rough right now... He does not sleep for long in his own bed, which is definitely something we need to work on.  Many nights the only way both him and I actually get sleep is if I am holding him.  This is not something I have dealt with in the past, and it is exhausting, but I keep telling myself that this too shall pass, so I'm savoring the one on one time with him and all of his snuggles, while still trying to encourage him to try to sleep in his little bed right beside me. I'm hopeful that eventually he will catch on.

At the moment, we are just enjoying watching him grow and seeing his little personality develop.  It seems that each of our kids has their own unique traits, so it's kind of fun contrasting and comparing.

I can't wait to see what his next month with us will bring!


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