Monday, November 24, 2014

Ella Rose | 7 Months

It seems like it has become the norm now, to begin every one of these monthly Ella updates with, "I can't believe how fast the time has gone by...", but honestly it's true.  I swear it feels like yesterday that I was pregnant with babe number two, and now here it is 7 months later, and we have the sweetest little girl with the funniest personality, who doesn't seem quite so little anymore.

Ella is fully sitting up on her own now, and seems to be getting closer and closer to crawling.  She's joined us at the dinner table and can't seem to get enough of solid food.

She had her first "big girl" bath (in the real bath tub, not the baby tub) the other day, followed by her first bath with her big brother.  She was totally fascinated by the bubbles and with watching Max play with all of the toys!

She's quite the talker... as in she likes to let out multiple consecutive wails just to let you know she is in the room.  She says mama, ba-ba, ra-ra, and does a whole bunch of other babbling.

We still haven't seen any teeth, but a whole lot of drooling and gnawing on teethers has been going on around here.

She's obsessed with the jumperoo, loves to sit and play with toys... and makes a valid effort to play with Max's, when he allows it.  She likes books, and swinging, and laughs when her brother hugs her, her daddy sings to her, or when she hears anyone else laughing.

She is an extremely happy and well behaved baby, although her sleeping habits have taken a bit of a turn lately.  She doesn't go down for the night without a fight, and seems to have developed the need for a middle of the night feeding, but these are the moments I savor because I know that they will be behind us all too quickly.

She is currently weighing in at 17 pounds   2 ounces, and measures   27.5 inches long.  Her hair is sure to be halfway down her back by her first birthday, and those pretty eyes, well, they're still the most beautiful shade of blue.  She's wearing mostly 9 month clothes now, but still some 6 month stuff, and she now sports a size 3 diaper.

It goes without saying, that we are head over heels in love with our Ella Bella.  We are loving every second of watching her grow, and are thrilled to have her here to share in this upcoming holiday season along with Max.

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