Thursday, November 6, 2014

Fun Thanksgiving Finds

Today, Max, Ella, and I made our usual Target run (our 3rd time there this week). You know, the type of trip where you go in for toilet paper, and leave $100+ later with a bunch of stuff you never even knew you needed. 
Anyhow, M, E, and I (with my first RED Starbucks holiday cup of the season in hand), were thrilled to indulge in exploring all of the fun Christmas items sprinkled throughout the store (even though this was, once again, our 3rd time doing so this week). 
Now, anyone who knows me, knows all too well, that I have been counting down to the day after Thanksgiving when I intend to wallpaper our house in red and green...However, I would hate to skip over another perfectly good holiday, especially one that involves copious amounts of food. So, before I go getting all Clark Griswold on you, and turn this blog into a virtual North Pole, I wanted to share some of my favorite fun finds for Turkey Day!

one | two
three | four | five | six
seven | eight | nine
ten | eleven | twelve | thirteen

Now aside from potentially sharing my Thanksgiving menu plans... be prepared for the majority of future posts to somehow involve Christmas!  Eek!!!

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