Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Weekend Recap

I'd like to blame daylight savings for getting behind on what had become a pretty regular posting regimen... I'd like to say it was setting the clocks back and losing that hour... But that's just not the case. This past weekend was, in a word, BUSY!

Friday night was obviously Halloween, and this was the first year that we truly took Max trick or treating. We live at the end of a pretty private road, not really in a neighborhood, so last year we opted for the chaos that is "trick or treating" at the mall, and after living through that experience, Mike and I both decided it wouldn't be happening again any time soon!

This year some friends of ours invited us to come celebrate in their neighborhood, which turned out to be perfect for door-to-door candy collecting. 

Max went as a scarecrow, because he has been obsessed with "sharecrows" all fall. In true Max fashion he refused to wear his hat, and would not allow me to pain his face, so he spent the night getting mistaken for a cowboy!
He had an absolute blast trick or treating though. He actually said "trick or treat", "thank you", and "see you later" at each stop, and he insisted on carrying his own pumpkin bucket the entire time, even though at some point, it got so heavy he was mostly dragging it behind him down the road.
Ella, our little baby owl, stayed behind at our friend's house, since the cold and rain made it pretty miserable out.
Saturday night Mike and I had a costume party to attend, so, much of the day was spent putting the finishing touches on our costumes. I went as a doe, thanks to some Pinterest tutorials, and Mike went as Awesom-o, for any of you South Park watchers out there.

The resemblance was pretty uncanny.
Sunday was spent recovering in front of the fire, as well as working on orders from my shop... Which has been becoming increasingly more busy, and I couldn't be more thrilled.
Mike ran out and bought us a mountain pie iron... I had never heard of one of these, but now I am totally intrigued. We cooked a bunch of things over the fire, most of which I couldn't eat, including a peanut butter, Nutella, and banana filled "hobo pie".

Naturally, due to the cooler weather and running around, by Monday we all seemed to have a case of stuffy noses... So it's back to business as usual. In sticking with my Whole 30-ish diet, I think this Buffalo Chicken Meatloaf is on tonight's agenda!
Also, Target is decorated for Christmas, Starbuck's red cups are out, and Ella rode in a cart like a big girl for the first time today...So there's that!
Happy week ahead!

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