Saturday, November 15, 2014

Swoon Worthy


The temperature dropped drastically this past week, and many of us even saw our first snow fall.  This time of year always seems to fly by at warp speed, and while I am trying hard to embrace November, as a mother of 2, it is so hard not to plan ahead, in terms of Christmas shopping, activities, and holiday events. 'Tis the season... so I have been really starting to focus much of my thinking toward gift ideas, Holiday menus, and planning upcoming blog posts.  There are so many exciting things happening around here in the near future, and I can't wait to share.
For now though, you'll have to make due with this week's Swoon Worthy finds (warning, there are some heavily holiday themed items on this list)...

1.  As you probably well know by now, I am all for a fabulous collaboration... especially when it involves 2 companies I absolutely adore.  These Christmas cards are amazing.

2.  Now that it's freezing, I adore a great pair of knee high socks, these are the cutest!

3.  If there is a way to put a seasonal spin on the Moscow Mule, then I most definitely want to try it.  This version will be going down at our house very soon!

4.  I think this little ring dish is super adorable.

5.  In my opinion, it is never too early to break out the Christmas PJ's, which is why I picked up this set for Ella, and these for Max this week!

6.  Well, this combination of flavors sounds heavenly!

7.  I always love giving books to my kids as gifts.  I'm really loving Oliver Jeffers' work lately, and this book is on the top of my list for Max.

8.  If I had the means to spoil myself right now and purchase a new handbag, this one would be it!

9.  I am a billion percent behind purchasing items from handmade shops this holiday season... so when I saw this item, I immediately scooped one up for Ella!

10.  I recently discovered the Green Toys line at our local Whole Foods, and I love the idea.  I'm totally eyeing this toy truck for Max!

***Also worth noting, I discovered the above picture quote on Pinterest recently, and it is available as a print from a very lovely Etsy shop!

I hope you guys are all staying warm this weekend... perhaps a pomegranate Moscow mule will help you! Cheers!

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