Thursday, February 12, 2015

Cabin Fever & My "Mom Uniform"

I feel a little bad complaining about the winter when my friends and family in the Northeast seem to be getting repeatedly buried by foot, after foot, of snow, but it isn't exactly all warm and springy here in PA either.

This weekend temperatures here are apparently supposed to drop back below 10 degrees, and let me tell you from experience, trudging out into Arctic weather with two little ones is certainly no walk in the park.

The combination of freezing cold temperatures and sporadic accumulations of snow have left us with a case of cabin fever friends, and we've got it bad.  

Today we bundled up, and after what seemed to take literally hours to get out of the house, we headed for the mall in an effort to keep from going completely stir crazy.

Yup, that's a selfie from Nordstrom's family bathroom, where we inevitably had to stop for diaper duty.

Thankfully our mall has a pretty decent play area, so it was the perfect place to let Max burn off a little energy while Ella and I sat back and took in the craziness, and I sipped on a Flat White.

After that we browsed around and took full advantage of the opportunity for me to get in some of my 10,000 daily steps (on my fitbit).

Is it just me, or does anyone else love to browse around the Crewcuts section at J Crew and wish that they were small enough to buy one of everything for themselves?

Anyhow, all of this browsing got me thinking a little bit about my "mom uniform".  

Once upon a time (what seems like a billion years ago), I used to get dressed up every day for work.  I would wear dresses, and even heels (gasp), and spend a lot of time applying my make up and blowing out my hair.  These days all of that would be a bit much, seeing as I'm all about whatever is comfortable and socially acceptable for running errands and playing on the floor with my kids, and only occasionally pull out those dressier staples.

So... I thought I would share some of my favorites items with you guys.  The items that I wear over and over again, and can't get enough of... Essentially, my "mom uniform".

From top left:

My go-to dress up or dress down must-have are these jeggings.  They are perfect for when I need something dressier than, let's say yoga pants, but they're still super comfortable.  They come in a denim version as well, and are super affordable.

I love, love, love my Nike's for something super easy to just throw on and kick around in.  This style is no longer available, but I'm totally swooning over these ones in the gold salt color.

My favorite sweatshirt was a bit of a splurge, but for the amount of times it has been worn, I certainly have gotten my monies worth.

The boots I literally wear the most from fall to spring are for sure my Hunters.  I love that I can just slip them off and on, that they go perfectly with leggings, and that I don't have to worry about how wet and muddy it is out when I wear them.

This blanket scarf is by far one of my favorite accessories.  I throw this on with just about everything, and I love how warm and cozy it is.

If I could wear these sweats every day, I swear I would... and they are a much more affordable version than the J Crew and Gap ones!

Another splurge, but Mike got me these leggings a couple of years ago for Christmas, and they are seriously the best pair I have ever owned.

Hands down the most comfortable pair of ballet flats out there.  When I actually put on jeans, these are the shoes I reach for.

Possibly the best staple item I have ever purchased.  I wear this chambray shirt over dresses, bathing suits, tank tops and leggings.  It's so versatile and by far one of my favorite clothing items.

***Not pictured, the greatest puffer vest ever and the most comfortable undershirts!

There you have it.  Nothing super glamorous, but lately I'm much more into quality than quantity.  If I'm going to wear something all the time, than I totally feel okay about spending a little extra on it, versus something I will rarely wear.  I like to have staple pieces, and then add accessories and wear them in different ways.  What are some of your closet staples?  I always love to hear what other ladies are wearing.

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