Thursday, April 30, 2015

Can't Live Without It

I'm so excited for my first "can't live without it" post! 
I'm linking up with some fabulous bloggers, (Stephanie, Laura, and Caitlyn), to rave about one of my favorite items at the moment... the thing I feel that I simply cannot live without right now!
Once you're done reading here, hop on over and check out just what it is these lovely ladies can't live without!

For my first post, it's all about Old Navy denim, specifically their Boyfriend jeans (which I previously raved about here, and I am currently wearing as I type this post)... but honestly, I love all of their jeans!

Their inexpensive, comfortable, and they are available in a ton of color options and styles.
My go-to style of choice these days is definitely the Boyfriend style... Likely because they are a step up from my usual leggings/yoga pants, but they're equally as comfy.  Totally a staple "mom uniform" item.

Thanks to their low price point, and the fact that Old Navy is almost always having a sale of some sort, I never feel guilty about the fact that I keep adding to my collection.
A girl can never really have too many pairs of jeans!

Cheers to the weekend friends... And remember to check back tomorrow for this week's Swoon Worthy post, for more of what I'm loving at the moment!


  1. Old navy jeans, I like those babies too! Comfortable and affordable!

    1. The perfect combo! Thanks for stopping by Michelle!

  2. I love Old Navy jeans too but have never tried to boyfriend style. I'll have to try them out!

    1. They're so, so comfy Evelina! Thanks for stopping by!


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