Thursday, April 16, 2015

DIY Tulip Wreath

This project was inspired by a pin I saw on Pinterest awhile back, that I just knew I had to attempt to recreate on my own.

It was super simple to make, I finished it in under a half hour, and the supplies were fairly inexpensive.

purchased everything I needed for this pretty spring wreath at Joann Fabrics, for about $21 and change. 

The faux tulips were $7.99 per bunch, but on sale for 60% off, and the wreath was $4.99, but I used a 50% off coupon. I'm fairly confident that you could find similar deals at Michael's, Hobby Lobby, or any other chain craft supply store.


6 bunches of faux tulips (I used 2 bunches of each color, orange, yellow, and white)
18" Grapevine wreath
Some wire cutters, sharp scissors, or garden shears (I borrowed my husband's wire cutters)


You'll want to use your wire cutters to snip each tulip from its bunch, keeping leaves intact on the stems that have them.

Then just start sticking each stem into the grapevine wreath. There's no real strategy to this, I simply  began by placing the stems all the way around the wreath, and I continued filling in spaces and alternating colors as I went.

I didn't use any glue for this project. You shouldn't need to, the stems stuck just fine into the wreath itself.

That was it! An incredibly easy DIY project, with big time wow factor!

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