Monday, May 4, 2015

Our Weekend

These last few days have been a bit of a wild ride in comparison to our usually uneventful weekends.

My husband ran his first full marathon this past Sunday, and to say I was proud of him, would be a huge understatement. Tracking his race as he hit certain mile points, and watching him cross the finish line, had me in total awe of his determination and I felt so inspired as I watched his dedication and hard work play out on the race course.

ran my first (and only, at this point) marathon back in 2010, so it felt so awesome to be able to share in this experience along with him, while actually having some sense of understanding as to exactly how challenging running 26.2 miles can be. 

I have to say that watching him has left me feeling motivated to possibly train for a half marathon in the near future. I'm not committing to anything just yet, but the seed has definitely been planted in my mind!

Max had so much fun cheering for his Daddy, and for our friends who were also running.

While we waited near the finish line, we explored the marathon festival and some of Pittsburgh's great landmarks.

Once we finally got Mike home and set up on the couch for some much needed, and totally earned R&R, Ella and I set off for the store to pick up everything we needed to take care of our favorite guy.

Today we got a special treat, when Mike decided to take a day off to recover... And since I like to hit up the grocery store no less than 5 times a week (insert sarcasm), we headed back out to get everything we neglected to purchase yesterday!

Thanks to the great weather we've been having lately, we managed to fit in lots of play time outside too, and of course indulged in some ice cream and "sphrinkles"!

Cheers to the week ahead!

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