Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Recap of Max's Year

The last 2 years on Max's birthday, I have made it a point to sift through photos of the last year. I'm not sure why I put myself through it, because I always end up a sobbing mess, but I like the tradition and I love seeing how much he's changed and grown over the year as well as getting a chance to reflect on all of the milestones he's reached, and the fun things we've done as a family.
This last year was a big one for Max. He got his first haircut, started walking, went away on vacation, started talking (a lot), and became a big brother.
It's hard for me to watch my baby turn into a little boy, but seeing him grow and learn is pure magic!

First Birthday

First Haircut

Vacation in the Hamptons

Dad's company picnic

Pumpkin Patch

Announcing we were having a baby!

Elmo for Halloween

Santa comes to visit

Waiting for Da to get home from work

Easter 2014

Welcoming Ella to the family

Max's 2nd Birthday!

The year began and ended with cake!

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