Thursday, July 3, 2014

Max is Turning Two

In just a few days my first "baby" will be turning two years old. It doesn't seem possible that we are here already, but low and behold we are.

Watching this little boy grow and change has been pure joy from day one, and even though it's all happening at a speed much too fast for me too handle, I am enjoying and embracing every second. 

Dealing with toddler antics on a day to day basis is pure chaos, but how does the saying go? "The days are long but the years are short." So I will treasure every single moment... Even the crazy ones.

Seeing Max become a big brother will always reign as one of my favorite things ever. Although I was initially concerned with how he would handle Ella's arrival in April, this boy has blown me away with his gentleness and love for his baby sister. He rubs her head, holds her hand, shoves her pacifier in her mouth, and when she cries he expresses his concern by always uttering, "uh oh, Ella".

He is snugly and sweet, loves to play with my hair, and give lots of hugs and kisses, which are always accompanied by a loud, "MUAH".

Max Anthony
Age: 2 years
Height & Weight: 33.1 inches & 23.2 pounds... Pickiest eater EVER!!!
Clothing: Still mostly 18-24 months which are slightly big depending on the brand. Due to toddler/boy slobbiness he mostly wears "play" clothes lately, t shirts and shorts, in an effort to keep him from destroying anything nice. He loves his crocs and so do I, easy to slip off and on, and easy to clean!

Favorite Activities and Things: Playing in his sandbox and water table, coloring, collecting rocks, and playing with trucks, blocks, and Legos. Max loves to be outside and loves swinging, going down slides, and playing football, golf, and basketball. He's also still obsessed with the movie Frozen (or "Feeeeee" as he calls it), which we've watched 458,327,000 times now, and can recite word for word. He loves to read; Charlie the Ranch Dog and The Little Blue Truck are still among his favorite books, and he is currently enrolled in "schwimming" lessons that he takes with Daddy once a week.

Favorite Foods: Food is a tough one with Max, seeing as he is extremely picky, and would much rather snack all day than eat a real meal. His likes change from day to day, but currently include strawberries and bananas ("nas"), cheese, scrambled eggs and chicken nuggets- as long as they're drenched in ketchup, and of course Popsicles and ice cream. Oh, and chocolate milk... By the gallon

Milestones: Max is talking a ton lately, and his words are getting easier to understand each day. He is pretty obsessed with animals so he regularly points out a pig, cow, dog or what have you and shouts out both the name and sound the animal makes. He seems to have learned his colors overnight and completely on his own... The other day while coloring he proudly held up a crayon and shouted, "purple!", he then proceeded to do the same for red, bluuuuue, green, etc.
My proudest moment came on June 26th, while Max was getting his evening bath. He suddenly stood up and said, "pee, pee", I asked him if he wanted to sit on his toilet, to which he replied, "yaaaa". He sat for a moment, and when he stood up he had in fact peed in his potty chair. You would have thought I had won the lottery if you were there to witness my excitement. We are not actively trying to potty train him quite yet, just trying to put the idea out there, so I was thrilled that he did this all on his own!

Sleep:  Max generally goes to bed around 8:30 PM and sleeps until about 7:30-8 AM. On a rare occasion he might end up in our bed, but he usually does a great job with sleeping through the night. He is still taking his one nap a day from around 1:30-4:30, and I pray that doesn't end anytime soon. He is also still in a crib for now, because I fear the damage he will cause if has the ability to escape and roam his room in the wee hours of the night.

We will be celebrating Max's birthday in a couple of weeks with family and friends, so I plan to share some of the details of his construction themed party here!

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