Thursday, August 7, 2014

Running on Empty

Things have been nothing short of crazy around here lately. Being outnumbered on a daily basis by 2 tiny humans is downright exhausting!

Max has been on a mission to tear our house apart from top to bottom and Ella has been on a bedtime strike for the last couple of weeks. She is an amazing sleeper once she actually goes to sleep, but lately her schedule has been more like that of a teenager than a 3 month old infant, since she's been going to bed after 11:00 pm and sleeping in all morning.

I'd be all for this schedule if it wasn't for the fact that I have Max to care for too, but seeing as he's on a pretty fine tuned sleep schedule these days, that means it's late to bed and early to rise for me.

I'm sure if I woke Ella in the morning and made a valid effort to keep her up, it would help get the late nights under control, but I have to admit, I kind of enjoy the one-on-one time with Max while she sleeps. Things are a lot more manageable when I only have one to deal with one while in get in my first dose of caffeine for the day.

While it feels good to vent about how chaotic and tiresome these kiddos can be, they're also pretty darn cute and I wouldn't change a thing about these crazy days. Getting to be there for all of the firsts and seeing them grow and change is well worth the exhaustion.

Recently Ella has discovered Sophie the giraffe, and they are becoming fast friends, just like Sophie and Max were back in the day.

Max has been obsessed with eating "up corn" (popcorn) and ice cream with "frinkles" lately. He also almost always wants to hang out in "Da's bed", I'm not sure why he doesn't realize that it's my bed too, but I just roll with it... And he won't stop talking about the "baby dee" (deer) that have been hanging out around our house since spring. He literally wakes up and asks about them first thing in the morning.

The weekend is almost here, so I only have to get through one more day of being outnumbered, then I get a couple of days of 2 vs 2, which is kind of like a mini vacation! Yippee!

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