Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend Recap | A (mostly) Photo Post

Today kicked off what will most likely be a super stressful week. We leave for our family vacation on Friday, kicked off with a 9.5+ hour drive to Boston with two little ones in tow. Between the mile-long list of things that I need to pack, the last minute errands, and the anxiety I'm already having about driving that far with Max and Ella, you better believe I will have earned some R&R time in the very near future.

So... I'm keeping this post short and sweet, and seeing as it was a pretty uneventful weekend, it should be easy to do!

Friday we went to a local amusement park with Max and Ella's Nana. She's been dying to take Max there since the day he was born, so seeing her show him all of the things his Dad liked as a little boy was pretty sweet.

We got our weekly trip to the grocery store in, and even managed to bake some cupcakes. It's amazing all of the things that Max points out at the store... From balloons, to apples, to may-yos (tomatoes), dog food, and of course Popsicles. He also likes to stop by the fish counter and check out the lobsters. I can't wait to get him to Maine!

Oh, and we stocked up on our favorite fall scented candles, so as soon as we get back from vacation we'll be prepared to decorate for autumn! This new scent is a little slice of heaven.

That pretty much sums it up. Hope you all have a fab week!

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