Sunday, August 17, 2014

Swoon Worthy

The last couple of days have undoubtedly felt like fall, which is why I made our favorite pumpkin mini muffin bites and indulged in one (maybe 2) of my favorite fall beers last night! It's been cool at night and early in the morning, and the air has had that certain crispness to it that can only mean one thing... Autumn is on it's way.
Fall is my absolute favorite season, I love every. single. little. thing about it, but I am in no way trying to wish this summer away too abruptly. We still have our family "summer" vacation in Maine to look forward to in about a week, so I need the season to at least stretch through that... Then I will gladly welcome fall, its pumpkin lattes, and apple crisp with wide open arms and a warm embrace.
That being said, I have decided to dedicate this week's swoon worthy post to some of my favorite fall things; a sort of "fall preview", if you will.
These are some of the things I'm swooning over for the impending arrival of autumn 2014:

1. Fall always reminds me of the start of the school year, which inspires me to learn something new. That's why I signed up for this awesome script writing class being offered by the super talented Tosha! (@hellotosha on IG).
2.  I guess the fact that I've featured Sahnda Marie Kid's shoes here multiple times is a testament to how much I truly love them. These ones are definitely swoon worthy... I'm loving mustard this fall, and pompoms... Always!
3.  Another favorite of mine, Lucky Sage Shop, is going to be releasing some new colors for fall. I've caught a glimpse on IG, and they are to die for.
4.  As soon as September arrives, you can pretty much count on me eating/drinking pumpkin everything all day every day. These pumpkin scones are on my must make list.
5.  I love these painted acorns I found on Pinterest.
6.  Bath & Body Works makes my favorite candles. Leaves and Caramel Pumpkin Latte are two of my go-to autumn scents. They are on sale right now, 2 for $22 and with the code FALLINLOVE you can get $10 off an order of $30 or more. I just purchased 4 candles for $34 plus tax... Normally this would have been $90 plus tax!
7.  My most favorite fall nail polish color of all time.
8.  I'm totally loving these boots for Max this fall.
9.  This is my most favorite pumpkin beer without question.
10.  My first thought was, Ella has to have this!!! My second was, does this come in my size???

As for the mini muffin recipe, it couldn't be easier... Mix one box of spice cake mix and one can of puréed pumpkin. Preheat oven to 350 degrees and spray a mini muffin tin with non stick cooking spray. Bake for 20 minutes.

Hope you're all having a great weekend, and that you're as excited for fall as I am.

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