Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Bath Time with Nuby

We've hit the point around here where Max and Ella take their baths together about 99% of the time. For one, I really just don't have the energy to give 2 separate baths lately, and secondly, they have so much fun in there together, it just seems silly to me to not do it that way.

The majority of the time, they share their toys, and there's lots of laughter and fun while getting clean... but occasionally there's some yelling and tears, so naturally, I was thrilled when Nuby offered to send us some fun new bath time toys to test out.

I knew M&E would be thrilled to have something new to play with, and I was elated because I was fully aware that new toys would likely result in a nice, peaceful, bath time experience for me.

First up, the Nuby Hippo Spout Guard... Max is obsessed with starting the bath water all by himself. Full blown fits are thrown if I even think about touching the faucet, so I generally indulge him, let him feel like he is in control, and then adjust the water temperature as soon as he isn't looking.

He squealed when he saw the new hippo spout cover, which then led to happy giggles from Ella as well.  A spout cover is a must for us, because these 2 can be wild in the tub, and I'm always concerned about one of them bumping their heads, or worse their faces off of the hard metal spout. This one is really cute, and my kids loved watching the water pour out of the hippo's mouth.  Bonus points for the fact that it comes equipped with a hatch, that when closed, causes the water to squirt out of the hippo's nose.  Max and Ella thought this was just hilarious.

Next up for testing was a set of Nuby's Tub Tugs.  These are super cute and come in a set of 2... which was great for us, one for each, to keep the peace.  Ella and Max seemed to be interested in these, as is, but as soon as I showed them how to use them, the real fun began.  If you submerge the boats, and allow them to fill with water, they become super fun squirt toys.  I swear, my kids would have stayed in the water until their lips were blue playing with these.  They took turns squirting each other back and forth, and even used them to rinse the soap from each other's hair.  Another win for sure.

Lastly, we broke out Nuby's Fun Bath Links.  These are a set of 15 BPA-free shapes and sea creatures that you can link together to create chains.  They also come with 2 suction cups that can be stuck to the bath walls and then the links can be attached to them.  In addition to traditional bath-time play, these are made to promote hand eye coordination.

Though Max was interested in these, and certainly played with them, I'd have to say these were more suited for a babe around Ella's age (19 months), or younger.  Max definitely enjoyed playing with them for sure, but Ella seemed to really take to linking the pieces together and taking them apart the most.

At this point, we own a pretty good size collection of Nuby bath toys, and they have definitely become a household favorite.  They are durable, and fun, and they keep my kids entertained long after the newness wears off.  I don't doubt that this new range of toys will keep us busy for a long time, along with some of our old favorites.

You can check out Nuby's entire line on their website, or follow them on any of the following social media platforms:

You can also purchase many of their products online at amazon.com or find them in retail stores, such as Toys R Us and Walmart.

***Disclaimer:  These products were provided to us exclusively by Nuby for review purposes.  All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.

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