Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Our Weekend

{mug from Homegoods}

I don't want to bore you with too many of the dull and uneventful details of our weekend.  It went pretty much the same as most...

Lots of lounging, snacking, coffee, and football.  We noshed on TONS of Thanksgiving leftovers, snuggled by the tree in our Christmas pj's, and sipped on peppermint mocha flavored coffee.  It was fabulous.

{Ornaments, all from Target}

We did, however, manage to get in some holiday decorating.  Our main tree; a 12 footer that we cut down, and then had to give a major trim in order to fit in our living room, is totally traditional. White lights and family ornaments are scattered all about its massive branches.  

Max was really into helping this year, and was fascinated as he watched me pull out all of our decor... It made me super happy to see his excitement over Christmas, and gave me great anxiety as I watched him hang ornaments, and had to patiently wait until he wasn't looking to rearrange them.

We decided to have a much smaller tree in our playroom this year, and went a little rogue with that one.  Colored lights, strung popcorn, and whimsical colorful ornaments cover it from top to bottom.

{Snowflake stocking holders, glitter deer, and bottle brush trees from Target | Gold candle holder from Michael's | Anthropologie-Inspired pom pom garland can be found under the DIY section of this blog}

A quick trip to the local farmer's market, and then to Trader Joe's capped off the long holiday weekend, and now we're (very) slowly easing our way into the week ahead.

Hoping yours is a good one!

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