Thursday, December 10, 2015

I Have a Confession to Make...

It's been awhile since my last "I have a confession to make" blog post, and seeing as it's been one of those days around here, I figured why not give it a go and get some more totally irrelevant thoughts off of my chest.

Brace yourselves, here I go...

1.  My kids have been totally off the wall today, like non-stop crazy, I-wanna-rip-my-hair-out, off the wall.  I love them both to death, but seriously, is it bed time yet (so I can miss them and feel guilty about having to discipline them so much)?

2.  I am by no means a "neat freak".  I love it when my house is clean, and it makes me crazy when it's not (which is most of the time), but one thing I absolutely must do every single day is make my bed.  The thought of climbing into an unmade bed literally makes my skin crawl.  Our room can be a total mess (and it will bug the heck out of me), but as long as the bed is made, all is right in the world.

3.  We recently started a good behavior chart for Max, as a way of positively reinforcing all of the good things he does.  It was an idea that came about via both his preschool teacher and some other moms in a mother's group that I belong to.  The way it works is that he gets stickers for certain good behaviors... i.e. sharing with his sister, eating his dinner, helping clean up his toys, etc.  Once he gets enough stickers, he gets to pick out a prize... which by the way, he already has picked out.  It's kind of awesome, because he seems to be behaving much better based on the fact that he wants stickers like crazy, but kind of obnoxious, because now I get asked no less than 500 times a day when he can get his "small hulk guys" at Target.  I'm all for an excuse to go to Target, but come on!!!

4.  Which brings me to my next fun fact.  I have been to Target 3 times already this week.  It's Thursday.  Do they have rehab for this kind of thing?

5. If I see one more photo of a woman who is equally as far along as I am, but makes me look like the Octomom, I'm seriously going to cry.

6.  Am I the only one that leaves Christmas decorations up well into January purely based on the fact that I go into a serious depression after the holidays?  #Christmasforever

7.  I miss wine.  I'm pretty sure I've already mentioned that fact, but really and truly, I miss wine so much.

8.  There are a billion things I should be doing right now other than writing this blog post.  So... there's that.

Now that you're totally enlightened with a bunch of absolutely useless information about my life, I'm feeling much better.  Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday, have some wine for me!!!

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