Monday, February 22, 2016


It's been awhile since I have written a post about our weekend, but this one was such a good one, I felt that it was worthy of documenting.

It finally warmed up a bit around here, allowing us to get out for some adventure.

On Saturday, I spent much of the day cleaning house while Mike entertained M&E.  It always feels good when the house is picked up, and thoroughly cleaned (even if it doesn't last long), but at 33 weeks pregnant, my back surely paid the price for all of the work.

While I cleaned, Mike took Max on a nature hike, and then Ella got to go out for a run with him.  Sometimes it's so nice to spend one on one time with them.

On Sunday, we packed up the minivan and headed out for a little day trip to Lake Placid. 

We had never been before, and it was absolutely beautiful there.  The mountains, the lakes, the snow, all of it.

We checked out the Olympic facilities, and Max was totally into it when we stumbled upon a kid's hockey tournament.  He wanted to stay and watch, and repeatedly told Mike and I how much he wanted to play.

Ironically, we just took him ice skating for the first time last weekend, and we are planning on signing him up for lessons because he loves it so much.  Perhaps we will have a little hockey player on our hands.

I'm really trying to soak up my time with M&E over these next several weeks... as crazy and exhausting as they can be, I know that once the new baby arrives, so much of my time will be dedicated to nursing and caring for their little brother, and I want to make sure they both get the attention they need and are aware of just how much they are loved.

They've both been so silly lately and have been saying some really funny things.  I forsee another post coming soon about all of the crazy things they do and say lately that make me laugh, even through the most stressful of days!

I hope you all had a great weekend, and that your week is off to a fabulous start!

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