Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Baby Registry Favorites | For the Nursery

It's been a little while since I published a new post in my "Baby Registry Favorites" series, but today I'm back with some of my personal favorite items for your baby's nursery.

Of course in addition to what is pictured/mentioned here, there is the furniture, bedding, glider, crib mattress, changing pad, etc., but those items are generally a matter of preference, so I decided to stick with some products that pertain to all genders, and work in most nurseries.

Diaper Dekor- Some people are fans of the Diaper Genie, but this is the diaper disposal system we decided on when our first was born, and it has worked for us through 2 kids and more dirty diapers then I care to count, so far.

Boppy Pillow-  This item may not necessarily seem like it should go under this category, but I often found myself using the boppy to help me nurse in the early weeks while sitting in our glider, so that's why it's here. I also love the boppy for tummy time, sitting assistance, and as a lounging spot for babies.  There are tons of fun covers to match any style, in stores like Target, Babies R Us, or on Amazon, but also from lots of great handmade Etsy shops.

Cloud B Sleep Sheep- Another item that we've had a for quite some time now and love.  This sheep is a great sound machine, that can be attached right to the crib, however it's also small enough for travel use as well.  A sound machine is a necessity is you live in a noisy house, especially one with more than one child!

Prince Lion Heart Wipe Warmer-  This item is definitely more of a luxury than a necessity, but for some reason, when my babies are really little, I feel better wiping their bums with warm wipes.

Owelet Baby Care Monitor-  I don't own this product... yet!!! However, I am totally fascinated by it.  This thing would have saved me a lot of worry after giving birth to my first... who I constantly checked on to make sure he was breathing at night #firsttimemomproblems. It's a sock that you put on your baby's foot, and it monitors their heart rate and oxygen levels while they sleep.  It also links to an app on your smart phone, where you can check on these numbers... basically, no more baby spying necessary, sleep easy new mom!

Crib Mattress Protector-  This item, or one similar to it, is worth all of the money in the world.  Between explosive diapers, leaks, spit up, etc, you will most definitely want something to protect your crib mattress, that you can simply throw in the wash... you may even want to register for two.

Stay tuned for a few more baby registry posts, including some of my most loved items for moms, and my favorite small business baby items.

Also, if you follow me on Instagram (@kozyandco), I've got a fun little giveaway coming your way tomorrow!

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