Thursday, March 10, 2016

Easter Basket Ideas | For Little Boys

As promised, I'm sharing some of my Easter basket ideas for little boys.  My son is 3.5, and currently OBSESSED with all things super heroes, Ninja Turtles, and he loves to build things and take them apart on repeat.

As previously mentioned, I always like to throw in some sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and candy treats too, but books, a few toys, and some things that my kids can actually wear/use get tossed in as well.

It's worth noting, that if your boys are really young, you may want to avoid these type of Lego sets and stick with the larger Duplo variety.  We ONLY play with these when younger siblings are napping, and always at the kitchen table.

Hopefully this provides some fun inspiration for you!


  1. Tegu blocks are some of our favorites! We just added a set of wheels to our collection recently! And those sunglasses are amazing! I think Liam needs a pair!

  2. Your basket ideas are truly amazing and wonderful that you shared them here. I will try it next time. For next year I have decided to celebrate Easter at local venues in Los Angeles and inviting all my friends and family.


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