Wednesday, March 16, 2016

DIY iPhone Case

I finally upgraded my iPhone recently... I know, welcome to 2016... and naturally since the size of my phone changed, the iPhone cover that I had been using on my previous phone, wouldn't fit on my new one.

So, I hopped online and started shopping for a new case, and though there were a ton of amazing options, I wasn't so thrilled about the prices.  $40 for a case just seemed a little ridiculous to me... so I decided to take matters into my own hands with this super simple and inexpensive DIY project!

Clear iPhone case (I got mine here)
exacto knife
scrapbook paper (I used leftover Rifle Paper Co. paper I had from Ella's dollhouse DIY)

Trace the outline of the phone case on paper of your choosing with a pencil.
Using scissors, cut out your iPhone shape.
Place paper into case, design facing out.
Using an exacto knife, cut out the opening for the camera.
Place phone in case on top of paper.

Enjoy your awesome and super inexpensive iPhone case, and make a bunch more so that you can switch out the design whenever you feel like it!

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