Thursday, July 16, 2015

DIY Faux Zinc Letters

You know those super trendy zinc letters that are all the rage in home decor?  The ones you see on Pinterest, Instagram, and about a zillion other places?

I, for one, happen to love the look of them... what I don't love?  The price.  At $18 a piece; depending on the initials, name, or word you're looking to spell out with them, the resulting bill could be apretty hefty one.

Awhile back, I was fortunate enough to find a knockoff version at Michael's, and purchased an "M" for Max's room.  However, recently, whenever I have come across more budget friendly options, they never seem to have the letters that I am looking for.

So... I decided to take matters into my own hands.

The end result:  3 letters, that with coupons/sale prices (and a few materials I already owned), cost me less than $10!

This project is just about the easiest DIY ever.  So easy, that I'm not even sure that it is worthy of a tutorial, but I figured why not share the steps!


black acrylic paint
silver acrylic paint
cardboard or wood letters
paint brush (straight edge preferred)

First things first, you want to paint your letters with the black paint.  Be sure to cover all of the sides/angles that you will be able to see.  Then, once the letters are dry, with your silver paint, using large back and forth brush strokes, begin to paint over the black.

Depending on the look you are going for, you may want to apply more then one coat of silver paint.  I applied two, but didn't have any issues with this covering the black coat of paint 100%... you want it to still show through a bit.

There you have it friends... I think when you compare these to the (much) pricier version, the look is pretty darn similar.  I know I'm pretty pleased with the end result.  Plus, I can use the money I saved towards buying more latte bowls.  HUGE win!


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