Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Non-Truths I Tell Myself and My Children

... Because I can't call them Lies!

1.  "The baby deserves a treat" while stuffing something in my mouth that clearly offers zero health benefits to my child in utero... Case in point the hot chocolate, pictured above, with all the fixin's.

2.  "That is mommy's medicine", when Max finds my secret candy stash in the pantry and asks what something is.

3.  That the fruit snacks that my three year old is addicted to, are both fruit and a snack... so therefor they're healthy.

4.  That it is completely acceptable to wear my maternity leggings, even when I am not pregnant, because they are comfortable and no one can tell the difference (this is much easier to admit now that I actually am pregnant!).

5.  "It's raining outside", when M&E want to go outside for the third time in one day to play, and I'm just too tired to humor them.  The sad part is, Max now knows when it's raining and when it's not.

6.  And last... but most definitely not least, that I don't miss wine right now... because I do, I do so much!

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