Monday, January 25, 2016

Baby Registry Favorites | Health and Hygiene

The next installment of our family's baby registry favorites features the products that we love most when it comes to health and hygiene. 

A few are items that I registered for the first time around, with baby number one, and some are items I have grown to love from experience over the past few years as a mother of 2.

Nose Frida-  You guys, if you can get over the initial grossness that is involved in using this nasal aspirator, I promise you, that it is hands down one of the greatest inventions ever.  Nothing will clear your babe's stuffy nose like this bad boy!

Little Remedies Saline Drops-  Used along with the Nose Frida, these are a great and safe way to help clear up a stuffy nose.

Crane Humidifier- If your babe is suffering from a cold, you're going to want a humidifier, and a cool mist one is the way to go.  This is the one we have, and it has always worked well for us.

Forehead and Ear Thermometer- When your little one has a fever, you're going to want to get their temperature without a lot of fuss.  I prefer this type of thermometer because it offers both an ear and forehead option.

Circo Bath Towels-  We're big fans of these super cute bath towels around here.  They're inexpensive, and my kids love wearing the different animal hoods.

Angelcare Bath-  I initially owned a different style baby bath, but switched to this one after baby number 2 because I liked that I could bathe both of my babes at the same time with this style.  It's just what works for us.

Spout Cover/Bath Thermometer-  4moms makes the coolest stuff.  I love that this bath water thermometer pulls double duty and also works as a spout cover.

Honest Company Bath Products- There are a billion different baby bath products out there, we tried a few, but once we tried these, this is the line we stuck with.  I love the light scent and natural organic ingredients.

Pampers Swaddlers-  Everyone has their brand... we have used Pampers Swaddlers since day one with the first baby, and don't plan on changing anything anytime soon.

Desitin Maximum Strength-  We've been really fortunate and have dealt with very few diaper rashes over the years, but when they have happened, this stuff has cleared them up almost instantly.

Infant Motrin-  I try very hard to only give my kids medicine when it is an absolute necessity.  This is what our pediatrician has always recommended, so it is our go to, when our kids need relief.

Keep an eye out for my next "Baby Registry Favorites" post later this week!

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