Saturday, January 9, 2016

Swoon Worthy

It's the first official Swoon Worthy post of 2016 my friends.

I took a little break from posting while we were traveling and celebrating the holidays, but now I'm back and so excited to dive back into these posts, because they are some of my favorite (and the most fun) to write.

I think we might be some of the last people to take down our Christmas decor, with our tree making its way out the front door today, but this past week was hectic, and I slacked a little on digging the rubbermaid totes back out. Although I usually feel totally depressed once the house is stripped of its twinkling lights and pine trimmings, I have to admit, that this year, it actually feels kind of good to see the house so bare and clean post Christmas.  It helps to perpetuate the fresh-start feeling I've been experiencing since ringing in the new year.

As you can probably imagine, this week's Swoon Worthy list is made up of healthy recipes, a little organizational inspiration, and as always, some of my favorite recent finds.  Let's get down to it...

1.  We tested out this lightened up version of one of our dinner favorites the other night, and it did not disappoint.  The sauce was delicious!

2.  My love affair with all things plaid continues into the new year.  This dress is the cutest!

3.  So, I finished watching Parenthood on Netflix last night (insert Kim Kardashian ugly cry face here)... if you haven't already subjected yourself to binge watching it, I highly recommend it.  Then you'll have to have this print, like I did, that found its home on our playroom gallery wall.

4.  You all know full well by now how much I adore my holiday decor, so naturally I couldn't take down Christmas and not move right along to Valentine's Day.  I'm not going too crazy yet, but for the time being, it makes me incredibly happy to see this garland hanging from our mantle!

5.  These are definitely a repeat here on Swoon Worthy, but I made a batch this past week, and was instantly reminded of how much I love this recipe.

6.  I always enjoy a good cuff bracelet, especially when I find one at an amazing sale price!

7.  If you happened to catch this recent post about my goal to simplify in 2016, you'll understand that this 30 Day Simplicity Challenge is right up my ally.

8.  Target, between my throw pillow addiction, and the fact that you guys put cute stuff like this on your shelves, I'll never be able to quit you!!!

9.  One of my favorite clothing lines for littles re-launched last night.  I'm sure a ton will be sold out, but I feel like I'd be doing you guys a disservice if I didn't share the news with you!

10.  As always, the new year kicked off my quest to get back on track and eating healthy again.  This cookbook is full of so many light, but still incredibly tasty, recipes! It;s a great one to add to your library.

Hoping you all have an amazing weekend, thanks for reading!

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