Saturday, January 23, 2016

Swoon Worthy

Happy snowy Saturday to so many of you.  Can I just say how jealous I am if you are getting buried in snow right now?  I know you probably think I sound like I've lost my mind, but it's super cold here, so I figure that being forced to cozy up and watch movies, while snuggling by the fire, as the snow falls outside just sounds like fun... at least for a little while.

Everything here is brown and frozen, and just yucky... a little fresh snow would be easier on the eyes for sure.

Oh well, I hope this morning has found you with a hot cup of coffee in hand, ready to read about what I'm loving lately, before taking on the day.

Let's get to it...

1.  It's been hard lately to find cute clothing items to share with you guys that fit my bump, but still totally work for those of you who are not with child... I think this super soft dress might be the answer.

2.  In my quest to simplify in 2016, I've been on the hunt for good inspiration.  You guys, this book.  SO good.

3.  Maybe it's laziness, maybe it's pregnancy brain, but I am constantly forgetting to moisturize after I get out of the shower, and thanks to the frigid winter air, it was becoming a problem.  I picked up some of this stuff recently... problem solved.

4.  We are sweet potato fry lovers to an extreme in this house.  This recent recipe discovery is one you must try if you feel the same way!

5.  Just doing my duty and sharing the fact that Anthro is having a HUGE sale right now... as in an extra 40% off of clearance items.  I scored some great kitchen items for around $5.

7.  For my fellow expectant friends... I had to share this find with you.  These maternity leggings are awesome, and you can't beat the price!!!

8.  It's a little ridiculous how excited I get these days about the throw pillows and area rugs... but I am totally in love with this little rug I picked up to go in front of our kitchen sink the other day.

9.  I know I'm a little late to the game on this one, but my eyebrows have been a work-in-progress for awhile now, and they're most definitely in need of a good waxing, but this little kit has been keeping them in check recently.

10.  And... because I can't stop looking at baby boy things lately, I'm thinking our babe will totally be up for all those April showers in this adorable set!

Have a great weekend, and if you're getting snow, stay warm and safe!

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