Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Babywearing with Solly Baby

I never really did much babywearing when Max and Ella were infants.  

When Max arrived, he was my only baby and I had just become a SAHM... At the time, it seemed that I had all the time in the world to hold him in my arms, and snuggle him for hours on end.  

By the time that Ella arrived, I was convinced I had a pretty good handle on our routine, and thanks to the fact that she was a very low maintenance baby, I never really felt that babywearing was necessary.  We would do it occasionally, but definitely not regularly.

Of course I had no idea about all of the benfits of babywearing (besides the fact that it is a lifesaver when you have more than one child), but when I found out we were expecting baby number three, I decided that I would need to do some research.  One thing I was certain of, was that I would soon be totally outnumbered, and that I needed to find a way to accommodate the needs of an infant, while keeping my hands free to tend to two busy and needy toddlers.

came across the Solly Baby Wrap on Instagram, and was instantly intrigued.  I loved the wide variety of color options, and what I read about how soft and lightweight the wrap was.

I began wearing Theo as soon as we came home from the hospital with him... it was a necessity for my survival as a mom, seeing as I was going to be home all day, every day, with three kids by myself... but I instantly fell in love with it, and I think that he did too.

Wearing Theo in the Solly keeps him cozy and snuggly, which is obviously comforting to him, but the wrap is also super comfortable for me to wear as well. It is just as lightweight as I had read that it was, and the material is super soft.  When I did babywear with Ella, I used a Moby wrap, and it always made me feel so hot.  The material felt thick and stiff to me.  I never feel that way with the Solly, and I have worn Theo on some pretty hot days.

I love the fact that I can still do so much while wearing Theo in the Solly, and still feel like I am keeping him close, since I don't have the time, like I had with Max, to just sit and hold him all day. Wearing him frees up my hands so that I am able to hold M&E's hands when we are out and about, and affords me the option of not having to always lug around our huge double stroller.

Theo generally falls asleep within minutes of being wrapped, even on days when he seems to be the fussiest.

We recently took a road trip as a family to the beach for the weekend, and I wore Theo the majority of the time we were away... I am 100% convinced that it was the reason that he behaved like such an angel for the entire trip. He slept in the wrap while were at the beach, and while we strolled around town and enjoyed both dinner and brunch.

Whenever I wear him in the Solly, I get stopped by women inquiring about it, and I honestly can't rave about it enough.  I know a lot of people are concerned that wrapping might be difficult, or that they won't be able to figure it out, but Elle, the owner of Solly, offers amazing tutorial videos on their site, and once I did a few times, it became second nature to me.  Now it literally takes me like 30 seconds to get the wrap on.

If we are heading out somewhere, and I know that I plan on wearing Theo, sometimes I will put the wrap on before we get in the car, so that when we arrive, it is that much easier to just put Theo in it and be on our way.  Even if I don't wrap ahead of time, the wrap folds up easily, so I always keep one on hand in my diaper bag.

If you are interested in learning more about the Solly Wrap, and babywearing in general, you can find more information here... but if you want my opinion, I think it's pretty clear.  I have become obsessed with babywearing, particularly in the Solly, and I feel pretty confident in saying that has saved my sanity over the last few months.  My only regret at this point, is that I didn't start regularly babywearing sooner.

Disclosure- This post was sponsored by Solly Baby, but I love the heck out of my Solly wraps, and all of the opinions you just read are 100% my own.



  1. I should have worn Evelyn more! This makes me miss the baby stage!

  2. I was a total Solly Wrap convert after having my second. I can vouch for it's awesomeness!!


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