Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Summer Styles for Nursing Moms

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Every single time I am nearing the end of a pregnancy, I start to get really excited about the prospect of wearing "real" clothes again.  

By the end of 40 weeks, I am beyond over maternity clothes, and super stoked to start shopping again... Yet every single time, I seem to forget about one very important detail... that I will soon be nursing again, and sometimes, even though something is stylish, it doesn't exactly make it convenient to feed my babe without putting on some sort of acrobatic routine or feeling fearful that I might flash all of my lady parts to anyone in the vicinity... and I definitely would like to spare the general public from that experience.

I have been stalking the web for some cute and fashionable summer styles that are also nursing friendly, and wanted to share them with you all, in case you might be in the same predicament.  That way you can still feel chic while nourishing those sweet babes!  

Some of these pieces are even currently on sale and can be snagged at a great price.  

I am personally a huge fan of wrap dresses and criss-crossed or v-neck style necklines.
Empire waists and peplum-style tops help to hide post-baby bellies, and certainly make me feel a little less self conscious than when wearing anything more form fitting.

Here's to fashion and function... Happy shopping!


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