Monday, June 6, 2016

Weekend Recap

I'm pretty sure that it was just last week that I was rambling on about how I haven't been doing weekend recap posts, because our weekends usually just aren't that exciting... But this past weekend we actually did some things that were worth posting about! So, low and behold, another weekend recap my friends!

On Saturday, we piled into the minivan, and headed out for the Country Living Magazine fair in Rhinebeck, NY.  I have wanted to go for years while we were living in Pittsburgh and it was held in Columbus, OH, but never made it, so I was so excited that there was one nearby.

You guys, it was AMAZING!!!  I could have done some serious damage there, but as any of you who have tried to shop with children know, not everyone was as into touring the booths as I was... not to mention, that after stopping to nurse Theo, he projectile spit up all over both of us... So I made due with the few items that I was able to purchase, and left feeling totally inspired to DIY a ton of things, and feeling motivated to check out some local antique shops STAT.

These photos are just a small taste of how beautifully staged the booths were... it was like an episode of Fixer Upper on steroids, and the farmhouse style decor lover in me was swooning over every little detail.

I picked up some more jadeite items, as well as some vintage mason jars, but truly wish that I had brought home so much more.

After roasting in the sun at the fair, it was home for a quick swim in the neighbors pool and dinner prepared on the grill.

Sunday was a total wash around here.  It poured rain all day, so I took advantage and did some baking.  This strawberry ice dream pie is so, so good.   It's the perfect warm weather dessert, and super easy to throw together.  We will be making it again around here for sure.

This morning I was finally feeling brave enough to head to the bookstore with all three kids by myself, after Max had been asking for weeks.  Much to my surprise, the trip was a success, and we even picked up some great new books for our library.

Now it's on to the week ahead.

There is much to do around here, as always, and Max is almost done with his first year of preschool, which just blows my mind.

I hope you're all having a fantastic Monday, and that your week is off to a great start.


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