Friday, November 20, 2015

Gender Reveal | It's a...

It's official, the family name will without a doubt be carried on, and Ella will be well protected by her two brothers!

We're seeing blue around here, because it's a... BOY!!!

I literally headed off for this morning's ultrasound appointment feeling totally clueless as to what we were having, and though this little guy seemed to already be exhibiting that genuine stubbornness that tends to run in the family, when he almost didn't cooperate, he finally uncrossed his legs and revealed the family jewels.

It's kind of crazy, because I know a lot of ladies who are pregnant at the moment, and it seems as though almost every last one of us are carrying little boys!

This ultrasound was my first 3D experience, and it was seriously amazing.  How cool is it to actually see what your future child looks like on the inside!!!

I'm feeling very thankful for the important things; the fact that everything is looking good, that our baby is growing as expected, and that he is healthy... and then I'm excited and looking forward to the fact that we can finally start shopping and considering names for this little fella.

We really are so blessed.

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