Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ella Rose | 5 Months

Our sweet Ella turned 5 months old yesterday, and I am honestly mind-blown that it has already been 5 months since we welcomed her into our crazy world. It just doesn't even seem possible that so much time has passed so quickly.

Ella, or Ellie Belly, or Ella Bella Boo, or Ells, as we lovingly refer to her, weighed in at 15 pounds and measured 25.10 inches long during our super accurate at home check-up. She is just starting to wear size 6 month clothing, which has me feeling slightly depressed that I can no longer squeeze her into some of her super cute 3 month sized outfits.

She loves sitting in her Bumbo seat to see what's going on, and has become increasingly interested in her toys. She particularly likes snuggling her bunny, sucking on her security blanket, and playing with her toy keys.

I am fairly certain we are in the early stages of teething, due to the overwhelming amount of drool this girl produces and because she seems to enjoy gnawing on her tiny fingers and even occasionally tries to stuff her entire chubby hand into her mouth.

Her baby mullet is incredible, I'll be surprised if her hair isn't halfway down her back by her first birthday. Her eyes are still bright blue, and I recently read an article that stated at around 6 months the color of a baby's eyes will likely be the color they remain... Not sure how accurate that is, but we shall see.

She's still a good sleeper at night for the most part, she's still digging the baby oatmeal too, although I'm gearing up to start making her baby food to freeze, I don't want her to miss out on apple season, so perhaps some homemade applesauce!

We are looking so forward to her experiencing her first holiday season along with Max. It should be so much fun this year!

Here's to reaching more milestones and to enjoying watching these babes grow (way too fast).

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