Monday, September 8, 2014

Weekend Recap

It was a pretty busy weekend around here. We kicked it all off with the most amazing overnight pumpkin cinnamon pull-apart French toast, that I had found on Pinterest. It was totally indulgent, but for the next couple of months, it's pretty much pumpkin anything and everything for me!

Saturday afternoon was Mike's annual company picnic. The past several years, it has been held at Kennywood, the local amusement park, but this was the first year that Max could really enjoy the rides.

The kid had an absolute blast, so much so that we had to drag him kicking and screaming off of rides, just to get him to the next. He loved the Little Steel Phantom (a mini roller coaster), and laughed hysterically the whole time. The S.S. Kenny (a child-like version of the pirate ship) was a big hit too, as he exclaimed "WHOA!!!" every time we went into the air.

His face while riding theses motorcycles in Kiddieland is priceless.

Saturday night Mike and I actually got some rare time to ourselves... Our friend's yearly "deck party" hosted at their beautiful home. It was a perfect early fall evening, and even though I missed Max and Ella as soon as I left them, some riesling by an outdoor fire was just what this mama needed!

Sunday was spent watching movies and football on the couch in pajamas, much needed recouperation time for Mike and I. 

In the evening we got it together and headed out for a fabulous family photo shoot, courtesy of the lovely and talented Jacquie from the Sweeter Side of Mommyhood. Max was less than cooperative in getting pictures of the 4 of us, but I'm sure she managed to get some great photos, and I can't wait to see them! If anything the photos will have perfectly captured what our life is like at this moment, crazy but beautiful.

Fall is definitely in the air, and I'm hoping to get some fall items listed in my etsy shop today, getting a jump on decorating out house for fall, and potentially pulling the trigger on getting Max potty trained this week... Wish me luck! Hope you all have a lovely week!

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