Friday, September 19, 2014


I was just thinking, thank God it's Friday... Then I was thinking TGIF... Random I know, but seriously who wouldn't be up for a little Full House and Step by Step watching tonight? I know I would.

Anyhow, we made it through the week, and it's almost time to indulge in the sweet relief that washes over me the second that Mike walks through the door and I can embrace the fact that at least for a couple of days, taking on M & E will be a tag-team effort.

These last few days have been crazy. We battled the sniffles, dealt with a nap strike, made several more (failed) attempts at potty training, and still somehow managed to accomplish some projects around the house.
It is supposed to be beautiful this weekend, and there are about a million and one fall festivals kicking off, so hopefully that is on the agenda in addition to some more autumn decorating.

felt our autumn mantle was still lacking something, so with a little twig gathering assistance from Max, some gold spray paint, some battery operated candles, faux leaves, and twine... I'm feeling much more satisfied. I would spray paint everything gold if I could... I won't, but it will take some restraint.

It might still need a little something more, perhaps a wreath, but for now I'm thinking about whipping up some autumn sangria, kicking back, and relaxing.
Happy Friday!

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