Monday, September 15, 2014

Our Fall-like Weekend

It was another busy weekend around here, and one with very little sleep on top of it all.

Friday kicked off with Mike waking me up to tell me that he had a flat tire, and would need to take my car to work, leaving me car-less with 2 kiddos and a long list of errands that needed to be done.

Thank goodness for AAA, within 30 minutes, a nice gentleman arrived in our driveway and changed the tire. 
With that we were off to check some things off of our to-do list.

Rarely do we eat fast food, but I opted to grab Max a quick lunch from the food court while we were at the mall, and despite my best efforts to make his meal at least somewhat healthy by ordering fruit as a side, they screwed up and gave him fries anyways. Low and behold, Max was more interested in the cow on the placemat, than the deep-fried  goodness, so it worked itself out!

During nap time, I decided it was time to bust out our fall decor... Instantly making our home feel more festive and cozy. I'm nowhere near done yet, but I got a good start on things.
Those lit grapevine pumpkins are one of my most favorite decorations. After eyeing some in a Pottery Barn catalog a couple of years ago, and deciding that they were much too pricey to splurge on, I bought our pumpkins at Joann's with coupons, and filled them with string lights myself. 

Saturday morning's chilly weather totally put me in the mood to bake, so I whipped up some of these chocolate chip scones. Along with my cup of pumpkin coffee and my favorite slippers, I was totally in my happy place.

Once it finally warmed up, we got M & E dressed and ready for the day, and headed off to check out a local Hatch Chile Festival.

Max was in love with all of the farm-ish things, as well as the fall decorations. He has a total obsession with scarecrows and pumpkins.

We ate some amazing food, watched people suffer through eating some seriously spicy peppers, and picked up some roasted hatch chile peppers of our own to bring home.

Sunday was supposed to be full of plans for us, but Max woke up a little under the weather, and I swear Ella is either teething or going through a 4 month sleep regression, so we opted to lay low and spend the day snuggling and watching Disney movies.

While Max napped in the afternoon, Ella and I made a quick run to the yarn store to pick up supplies for all of the orders I've had coming in! I couldn't resist putting Max's first pair of Halloween pajamas on Ella. How cute is my little pumpkin in her big brother's hand-me-downs?

This week I'm busy stocking the shop with fun fall/Halloween items and working on fulfilling orders.
Happy Monday to all!

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