Friday, October 3, 2014

Bundle Me Up for Littles

Recently I had a few girlfriends reach out to me in regards to winter wear for their little ones, so I  wanted to put together a little collection of the options that are out there, and that I am loving right now for babies and kids.  

Picking winter coats can be tough when there are car seats to deal with, because as we all know, puffy coats and buckles don't really go hand in hand when it comes to safety.  What always worked best for us in terms of heading out in the car with Max when it was cold, and what I plan on using for Ella, is the JJ Cole Bundle Me. I would usually put Max in a fleece coat or hoodie and a hat, and then snuggle him into the Bundle Me without having to worry about seat belts not being tight enough or blankets dragging through slushy puddles. I also like the fleece suits with hoods, they are another great option for both warmth and function.

Puffer coats seem to be all the rage again this winter, and you certainly can't go wrong with a classic pea coat or toggle buttons.  I'm loving all of the fun and bright color options stores are offering.  Lucky for us, Max is pretty small, and the coat I bought for him last year will likely still fit.  It is a puffer coat though, so it's really only great for playing in the snow and I will likely find some sort of fleece option for in the car.  

Aside from using the Bundle Me for Ella in the car, I'm dying over the cuteness of some of the baby girl coat options that are out there, so I'm thinking she'll need something fashionable for when we're not in the car.

Here's to hoping we won't be needing some of this stuff in the very near future!

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