Monday, October 6, 2014

Weekend Recap

This past weekend was CRAZY!

First of all, the temperature dropped like 50 degrees, and ever since then I've been freezing!!!

Before things got too crazy, I got to finish and hang our fall wreath... Pretty much the only thing I accomplished, but whatever, it includes pompoms and a gold monogram, so I'm happy.

As I previously mentioned, we went to our friend's daughter's, 3rd Frozen themed birthday party on Saturday. Max was super excited to go play with kids, and naturally since he is also a Frozen fanatic, he couldn't get enough of seeing Olaf, Elsa, and Ana everywhere he looked. He's also a huge fan of farm animals, and our friend's neighbor's just so happen to have horses, so he was pretty much in his glory! 

Ella, being the ham that she is, was excited to dress up and go soak up lots of attention.

I'm not generally big on making movie themed items, but I made an exception for this occasion and whipped up this Elsa hat for sweet little Mia!

Yesterday we had a family baptism to attend. It's always nice to see family, especially for such an awesome occasion.
Max was totally worn out from all of the festivities.

You'd think that since it's so rare these days that four of us get dressed up and head out together that we would have snapped a family photo, but per usual, that didn't happen.

So instead we took a family selfie last night in front of our first fire of the season. I'm not big on the cold, but I sure do enjoy a good fire in a wood burning fireplace.

Today, it was back to business as usual, grocery shopping, homemade applesauce making, and my absolute favorite brisket cooking in the oven as I type. I wish you could smell through the computer!

Hope your week is a good one!

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