Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Weekend Recap

I generally like to write a little post that recaps our weekend every Monday. This week it just so happens to be coming to you on a Tuesday.
Mike was traveling this past weekend, and it took me a whole extra day to get my stuff together and attempt to get back to our somewhat normal routine.
If you are a single parent with little ones and you are reading this, I am in awe of you... That gig is no joke.
All was fine and good around here the first few days.
I told Max that he was the man of the house, and he was thrilled to take on the role. Both him and Ella were amazingly well behaved on Thursday and Friday. I felt like super mom as I effortlessly juggled both of my children without my husband's assistance.

By Saturday evening, "sh*# got real"! Max was bouncing off the walls, and Ella was whiny. M insisted upon climbing all over me every time I sat to nurse E. Tantrums were thrown when needs weren't immediately met, and I found myself wanting to climb into bed to hide under the covers. These tiny people were literally owning me!

But... Low and behold, with some earlier-than-normal bedtimes and an extra large glass of red wine in hand, I forged through and we made it to Sunday evening.
I have never been so happy to see Mike, and couldn't be more thankful that his having to travel for work is a rarity.
Despite the occasional chaos, M, E and I did still manage to have a pretty good weekend (for the most part).

I have been up to my ears in Etsy orders lately, which I couldn't be more thrilled about, so a trip to the yarn store with my lovely assistants was a must. 

During naptime, I worked on orders and took the opportunity to watch a "chick flick" while Mike wasn't here. The Fault in Our Stars left me a sobbing mess, frantically trying to put myself back together before my kids woke up for fear that Max might think something truly awful had happened. If you're in the mood for a good tearjerker, I highly recommend it, just be prepared with tissues in hand.

On Saturday morning, after we made some lightened up donuts topped with spider-infested sprinkles, we took a great fall stroll. The weather was perfect and I think we all really needed the fresh air, and it was so nice to get out and take in the beauty of fall while it lasts.

We also decided that this weekend was the perfect time to paint our pumpkins. I covered our picnic table with newspaper, dug out our washable paints, and we headed out to the deck, where I let Max go to town. My little artist created the most beautiful pumpkin complete with blobs of blue and black all over, and only freaked a couple of times when I insisted on washing off his paintbrush mid-project. It was sunny and in the 70's here yesterday, so it felt great to be outside making a huge mess, rather than inside for once.

I suppose that about wraps it up. I have about a billion loads of laundry to tend to, a trashed house to clean, orders to fulfill, and costumes to complete. Happy Halloween week!

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