Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekend Recap

I can't believe it's already almost the end of October! The weeks and weekends are flying by so fast it's crazy, and this past weekend was no exception.

If you read my previous post, you already know that we spent Friday evening relaxing and enjoying Raclette (and wine) by the fire. You can't have a fire without having s'mores, so Max got his first taste, and as you can see from the photos, he obviously didn't like it at all. We like to replace the chocolate bar with a little Nutella, because obviously, Nutella makes everything better!

Our little wild man has become rather obsessed with his toy cars lately (such a boy), and insists on bringing them with us everywhere we go... In addition to his blankie, which I'm just thrilled to have near by during meal time!

Sunday was spent attending church, doing yard work, and watching ABC Family's 13 Nights of Halloween! Max has becom accustomed to modern technology, and now insists that we fast forward through commercials, even while watching live TV. We were ordered to "fast forward" through every commercial during Monsters Inc. Sorry buddy, no such luck.

And this girl was quite the hit at church in her leopard skinny jeans!

As always, much of the weekend was spent snuggling, lounging, and working on fun festive projects.

I will be sharing my pattern for crocheted candy corn within the next few days, and we found the idea for those adorable little owl s'mores on Pinterest.

We used the remainder of yellow candy melts to make some festive pretzel rods sprinkled with candy corn colored "frinkles" (according to Max), that we found in Target's Dollar Spot. Just what we need around here, more sugar!

Hope you all have a fabulous week ahead!

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